Spicy Street Corn

I swear to God you can’t escape Donald Trump, you literally cannot.
He’s on every media station all the time but all I can focus on is his fucking hairline.


Let’s give it up to the people who make hair plugs.
They’re really doing a hell of a job because you know they must have started off absolutely horrific.


I think Elton John was like the first one or something.

Like the top of his head looked like hairy knees by the time they were done with it.
And now he’s got to wear that little pageboy haircut for the rest of time, poor fella.

Why am I talking about Elton John? Let’s get back to Donald Trumps hairline.


So then they went with the ant leg ones, in like the 90s, you remember those, the insect like ones?
Where you just couldn’t stop looking at it, it was literally sewn into your fucking head, people used to call it doll hair.

And now they’ve gotten to the point where they just sort of sprinkle it in.


I think they vacuum it out the back and put it on a tray and then a fairy comes by and takes the tray and just sort of skips around and around your head going, tralalalalala and they just drop it in.

And it looks very natural, evidently.


But then what happens is, those ones can survive whatever hell is going on underneath your scalp, but the other ones that weren’t built for it, they still fall out so you gotta get reseated again.

That’s the fucked up thing about plastic surgery…your face, your hairline, it all becomes a lie, you know?
You know what I mean?

They’re attracted to who you really aren’t.


Like what if its the nose that gets the person going?
But that’s not your real nose…

And then you bang and have a kid and then you’re like, what the fuck happened to that kids nose???

Did you cheat one me!!??!
Did you cheat on me, you fucking whore!!??!!

And then she takes out her high school year book and is like, no this is what I really look like.

And every time your kid starts walking towards you with that crooked fucking nose, you’re like, I can’t believe this bitch lied to me.



One of the ways I get inspiration for what to cook is from menus.

I am forever taking screenshots of the list of ingredients in a dish or pictures of its visual presentation so that I can go home and recreate it later.
If you’ve ever eaten at Toro in NY or the one here in Boston, then you’ll recognize this shit immediately.

This is my take on their Mexican Street Corn.

Making this also gave me a chance to try out this lactose-free version of parmesan cheese that I discovered a couple weeks ago.
It’s by a company called GoVeg and for once, finally…. it actually tastes like the real deal.












Spicy Street Corn

What I Used

4-5 Ears of Corn. Salt. Pepper. Smoked Paprika. Cayenne Pepper. Olive Oil. 1/2 cup Parmesan Cheese.

What I Did

Shuck the corn.
Sprinkle with salt & pepper.
Drizzle generously with olive oil.

Broil or grill for about 10 mins on either side.
Less, depending on your oven.

When both sides are properly browned, remove from oven.

Shake in 1 tsp cayenne pepper, 1 tbsp parmesan cheese and 1 tsp smoked paprika over each piece.
Settle in.
dana_fashina_recipes http://ivegotcake.com
Get some napkins!
toro_boston_corn grilled _corn_recipeshttp://ivegotcake.com

83 thoughts on “Spicy Street Corn

  1. Hahah that’s how I feel about certain things it’s nice to not always be done up and dressed to the nines because when people see you on a normal casual day it’s like what happened to you are you sick? Dying??? I am so going to try that cheese is it Vegan?

  2. SO what you’re saying is I SHOULDN’T get a nose job? Because I was going to treat myself once I make my first million but OK 😦 haha just kidding I’m with you on this. Love the skin you in and if not there’s always photoshop, right? That’s only half-way lying.

  3. Oh you made me laugh so much with that description of Trump (have you seen this: http://trumpdonald.org/ ?). I am an American citizen living abroad, and let me tell you, people in Europe cannot believe he is real… well, actually, I have a hard time too. Oh well… I adore corn, and can totally imagine how happy you must be now that you’ve found a lactose-free version of parmesan! I think that is the one reason I don’t go vegan… PARMESAN! This corn sounds fantastic.

      1. So, yesterday we sit down for dinner and Pierre (my 100% French boyfriend) went on and on about Trump’s hair… so I told him about your latest blogpost 😆

  4. Oh this does look so yummy. I do love corn. I think Trumps hairline/ wig thing along with his orange tan is hilarious, no wonder you can’t stop staring. Probably better focusing on his hairline than on the trash that comes out his mouth!

  5. Ha ha you’re so funny and yes so right! It’s so hard for us to be happy with the way God made us: big nose small nose fat face ugly face dark light HEY REALITY CHECK this is who you are except it embrace it love it flaunt it!! whoa! that corn does look so good I love fresh corn on the cob especially done on the green egg

  6. Elote!!! God, the very sight of a dried up, well-toothed cob of corn on the side of a street whether here in Lincoln, NE or at Flushing Meadow Park in Queens, NY, reminds me just how much I love this country and its great tapestry of summer street foods.

    You’d probably enjoy following my blog, Side/Dishes -https://sidedishesblog.wordpress.com/ – and I will try this recipe out as soon as my grill is operational!


  7. Why do you always crack me the hell up?! I’m sitting at my desk, looking at these shoe selling reports (boots are done by the way, stuck with them until fall FML).. & then this! “Did you cheat on me?!” Hahahahahaha that’s some real life shit people are gonna have to be worried about now. I smell a new version of Catfish coming…

  8. Well that just looks totally up my street …..food….geddit? We have some great corn at the local markets so they will be getting a spanking with this Mexican treatment ASAP. Another snortworthy rant Cake. If he wins, you can come and live here. 😁

  9. Every time I hear about Trump, I just wanna quit life… until now. Thanks for making me laugh in regards to this suck-ass of a human being.

    The real star is the corn. One of my favorites & I think you know, my go to vegetable in the summer bbq’ing months. Looks amazeballs, well done m’lady. Also, thanks for the tip about the vegan parm, I’m gonna give it a try. Ciao bella!

  10. Love the post and recipe! I’ve got a dairy-free corn salad (also inspired by street corn) recipe that everyone goes crazy for if you want to change it up. It’s good!!

  11. Dana…I just can’t go there with ‘the hair’ it is too much !!! Surely he must know that his hair is just not cool !!! Seriously…. but thanks for the laugh anyway.
    Flip your corn looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !!!! I just have to have that and now !!!! Making it girl, I promise 🙂 ❤

  12. Did you have to put a second mortgage on your place for the corn? I’m doing a shoot this week and had to buy corn and it was $7.99 for 4!
    Love the spice combo you’ve got going on this recipe.
    Sadly, you’ve got more than just his idiot hair to worry about, YIKES!

  13. We can’t escape Donald Trump over here…he’s invaded our Canadian airways. Thats all anyone talks about, Ugh. At first it was comical but now its just down right offensive and scary. Thou that SNL skit was super funny!lol Anyhow it’s moments like this that I’m happy to be Canadian. Sorry 😦

    This recipe is definitely going on my must try list. Your pictures are making my mouth water, I can imagine how good this taste. It’s too bad corn on the cob isn’t available here just yet and probably won’t be till like July 😦

    xo, jackie

  14. Apart from getting in my teeth, I love me some corn…Dana you have such an overactive mind, I love it, you make me laugh with the whole plastic surgery, big nose child, duped husband scenario…erm if we are going to speak about hair, lets talk about Hilary Clinton: one thing I want to know is why do 99.9% of women in politics go for butch lesbo haircuts???!!! I’m not asking for Giselle long feathered waves but my Lord cant there be some kind of compromise!! ( :

  15. Oh Dana! You are a riot! I absolutely enjoy your posts – in fact I so look forward to reading them!! About Trump – all I can say is ‘NOOOOOOO’!!! In regards to getting ideas – I am so with you on the menus! I am constantly taking photos or menus – I think people think I’m crazy!! 💗💗💗💗

  16. I feel real sorry for you guys. The Trump is so laughably bad that it is worrying so many people are taking him, and his hair so seriously. Condolences Dana.

    Now for this corn: whoa, it looks smashing. I would devour!

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