Chocolate Pastries

Shoutout to my mom.

For always accusing me of copying her generations look and who’s always been dead ass wrong until right now.
Hey mom, haaaaaay!

She stalks my blog.


I can’t lie though, I am kinda loving this 70s trend and lord knows they had the shift dress thing on lock down.

I don’t mind shift dresses as long as have some sort of character to them.

On their own they’re just giant socks with a couple holes cut out at the tip so you can push your head and arms through it.
Shift dresses without character ain’t shiiiiiiiiiit.


So as pretty as this metallic blue is, I almost passed it up until I saw the open back.
Ugh, I just love me an open back look.

And when the temps dropped, that’s where this pretty pink coat from Zara came in.
black_girl_fashion_blogs dana_fashina_fashion boston_fashon_blogs boston_style_bloggersdana_fashina_street_style

Wearing a Zara coat (old), an Asos metallic shift dress (this), Asos platforms (these) and old ass gray socks.

48 thoughts on “Chocolate Pastries

  1. Ughhh shifts look like potato sacks on me. I buy them and never wear because I actually look like a potato in a sack. I loveeee this color on you. Also, your legs are unrealllllllll

  2. Love this dress, and the pastel color combination. I’ve been eyeing shift dresses since last year but never got around to buying one. Maybe I will now! 😉

    LOL @ your mom stalking your blog. Your mom seems like a fun and humorous lady. Xx



    You rocked this outfit girl, I love your unique style! I’m loving all of these pieces [especially the back of that dress]. And that coat is all kinds of YAAAS! XOXO

  4. Ha ha ha You know you love it and I love you too girl ! Imagine this look with a wide brim straw hat ! Spring has sprung ! I love that detailed back and those shoes have a life of their own !

  5. I love this look. I get so happy when you post. Your blog is one of my favourite and I am not just saying it just to say it. It so good. I love the looks and the food. Your helping me leaning how cook better and look good at the same time. Keep doing your

  6. Don’t you just love retro? The 70s was my time, but I was just a young whippersnapper. I got to experience it in vertically-striped bell bottoms and an ugly bob cut. Once a tomboy, always a tomboy. I’ve got this love of the retro 60s mumu thing going on now. Noting better than wearing “giant socks with a couple holes cut out at the tip so you can push your head and arms through it,” when you’re lounging at home, working, cooking, scaring the neighbors. You know. The daily chores. LOL

  7. Hey, Dana 🙂 You are the best. Your posts never fail to put a smile on my face, they are just so refreshing, ❤
    You look so cool ! You can totally wear ANYTHING !!! and it looks good on you. Man, I am so jealous of your legs…just saying. Have an awesome weekend.

  8. You know what I really love about this look, the grey socks with the white Asos platforms, it gives the look a geeky veeeery fashion edge! Your ma is kinda right coz fashion basically spinds the same wheel with some tweaks to fool us into believing that every season brings something ‘new’. I looove the 70s trend too, specifically the Studio 54, More is MOOOORE look. Hope you are having a fab Easter wkend hon! ( :

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