Yo Mama

Ooooooooooo weeeeeeeee!!!

That’s what it feels like wearing these pants.
These pants feel like oooooooooooo weeeeeee.


I bought these velvet pants from Nasty Gal because they looked cool and I was diggin the 70s trend, but I didn’t realize how fucking DOPE they actually were until they arrived.
These pants are D R A M A T I C.

The soft velvet perfectly rounds my ass, snugly hugs down my legs and then just EXPLODES in this loooong as shit, dramatic as fuck, flair.



The first occasion that I felt was worthy of these pants, this vision of pants, was Christmas Dinner last year.
It was all everyone talked about and I’ve been longing to wear them ever since.

Had a girls dinner come up over the weekend and decided that would be my next moment.
Their next moment, rather.


So I got on the phone with my mom since this is whole bell-bottom thing is her generations shit after all, and we traded ideas for about 15 mins.

For the record, I NEVER take ideas from my mom.
If it were up to her I’d be in head-toe leopard print.

SHE don’t even wear that shit but she’d put me in that with a tucked-in ruffled, leopard shirt.

Pump your brakes lady.



But I called her anyway because this shit was just that dramatic and I wanted to see what she would hit me with. I owe this look to her.

Good looking out, mama, I felt fly as motherfucker in this.
dana_fashina_blogger how_to_style_bell_bottom_pants dana_fashina_lookbook how_to_wear_bell_bottom_pants

Wearing Nasty Gal pants (these – sold out), F21 t shirt (old), coat (old) and choker (old), BoC shoes (old) and Asos hat (old).
Boston_street_style 70s_bell_bottom_trend how_to_wear_bell_bottom_pants
And when the wind blows, forGET about it.

94 thoughts on “Yo Mama

  1. “Ooooo yeah baby! Oh yeah! Ooooo, oh yes! I like that! (in my Formation video voice)”. You slayed!!!! That song is all I hear while I’m reading this post. Haha! Anyway, loving the pants hon! That hat is beyond fabulous! Ummm, can you ship that to me? Ha! That last pic is such a candid shot of you. #KodakMoment

    Okay, now I’m getting in Formation. LOL Have a good one love! Xx

  2. You crack me up !!!! Seriously. :- ) I have watched a couple like American Idol programs and have heard the saying….you could sing the phone book and you would sound good….well, you could freaking wear the phone book and you’d look good !!! x

  3. Those pants are ridiculous in the best possible way–and I love the photos of the legs swirling in the wind.

    Excellent styling as always–keep it simple up top to make sure all the attention rightly goes to those amazing pants.

  4. ‘It’s poppin… it’s poppin!’…and I don’t mean your lip gloss! 😂 😂 😂
    That’s it. That’s all I’ve got… I’m done!
    Those ‘pants’ (trousers to us Brits) are definitely framing your booty PERFECTLY!

      1. Morning Dana!,
        I have a coconut frosting of a week, the kind on those huge three-layer, coconut cakes my Grandma Sophie used to make. I am thinking seriously of going to the Farmer’s Market and purchasing one next week! 😀 Just to know, in one mouthful, what it is, in memory, to sit at her table again!
        Thank you1
        Yes, I had a lovely week and am skipping into a lovely weekend! Igualmente! I am wishing the same for you, querida!

  5. Wait before I get to those trousers, IS THAT A FREAKN BLONDIE T I SEE???!!! Wanted that my whole life…ok yes those trousers deserve their own PA, love the shot where the wind really picks up the flare. Gotta give it to your Ma, she hooked you the fuNk up! I feel there should be the Shaft theme playing continuously as I’m reading this post. Brava, you look #Flawless ( :

    1. Yesssssss!!
      You are my NUMBER ONE bitch because you are THE ONLY ONE who peeped that Blondie T.

      I know my mom is somewhere stalking these comments with a big ass smile on her face.
      Thank you for keeping it there ❤ ❤

  6. I have legit always had a soft spot in my heart for flares…. perhaps in a previous life, I lived as a hippie in the woods… or maybe I was secretly conceived at Woodstock despite what my parents have told me… wait, does that time line even work? Either way, these pants are amazing… like crazy amazing.

  7. Thank you for liking my post. I love the spirit of your blog. Glad to know that flared pants are back in style. After reading your post, I pulled mine out of the dust balls. They feel so good!

      1. Oh yea! I did a little dance all the way to the weed patch in my front yard. The Frick and Frack helped with the weed pulling. After about a cubic yard of pulled weeds got added to my compost pile, my grown chickens really did a little dance.

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