Chicken & Basil BLT

My relationship with bread is pretty much non-existent and I’m fine, it’s whatever.
I’m totally cool with that.


All that means is that every now and thenΒ I’m gonna need a lil booty call action.













Chicken & Basil BLT

What I Used

2 fillets Chicken Breasts. 1 Ciabatta Roll. Bacon. Lettuce.Β Basil. 1 Tomato. Mayo. 1 Egg.

What I Did

This really needs no instruction, I mean come on now.


Cook the bacon however the hell you cook bacon.
Grill up a couple chicken breasts.
Halve the ciabattaΒ roll.
Toast each half.


And listen, don’t be shy now.
Feel free to add more shit to this, I mean you already kicked in the door.

Might as well walk in. Dana_fashinahttp://ivegotcake.comYou cut it in half and eat it with two hands.
You’re still a goddamn lady.
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77 thoughts on “Chicken & Basil BLT

  1. YUM! Your sammich looks absolutely delicious! We created a crispy chicken enchilada lasagna with roasted pecans and feta cheese yesterday. I also intended to make Tex-Mex pesto and tomato caprese, but I got a little lazy after all the other stuff I had to do. Like writing a 1,700 word interview article about biomimetics and such. πŸ˜‰

      1. Ha! I think some of my smarts leaked out of those pants after yesterday’s paper. Or at least a few more brain cells committed suicide. I swear. I don’t know why I choose topics that are so tough. But at least I’m learning every damn day.

    1. Thanks boo!
      I’d try Cod, or Salmon.
      Things like swordfish or tuna are too ‘meaty’ for a sandwich this hearty, it would be too much.
      So yeah go with a light fish like cod or salmon.

  2. whaddayamean u don’t LOVE bread !? πŸ˜‰
    Me hungry now for your sandwich (we say sangwich in montreal) …. by the way Ms. DANA, looks great … i make my own bread every week (i gotta get a life, or go to the gym more often) … JOKE !

    1. From your profile pic, you look in pretty good shape to me!
      And yeah no.
      No bread is kinda like being a vegetarian. You stop having meat and after a while, you don’t miss it.
      Same for bread.
      I don’t really miss it until I do, you know what I mean?

      And this sandwich did the damn thing, heehee!

  3. Them pics almost made me bite the screen. Oh and I’m not a lady, so this sammich would be getting eaten in the most barbaric way possible.

  4. Oh yummy! Avocado + bacon + basil = heaven! I love that combo on chicken or anything! Thanks for making me hungry now!
    I don’t eat bread, well actually if can call “gluten free bread” bread. Then I do! lol I have a gluten issue and since most gluten free breads out here taste like cardboard, I just don’t really eat bread that often. Instead I just look at pictures of bread. lol

    xo, Jackie

  5. It’s crazy how huge your burgers are generally, you make me want to bite them visually..ha ha. I know that someday, I will share a burger with you for real. Fingers crossed.
    And the nails are fab.
    Have a lovely week Dana

  6. Well,this is perfection my friend !!! Perfection. I too, don’t do the bread thing, but every now and then when something is THIS freaking good, I just have to !!! OMW !!! how can I pass this one up ? Never…this is happening ❀

  7. Oh my gosh, all I’ve had today is a croissant (my relationship with bread is alive and well). I need this sandwich now.

  8. Ok so all I need to do is take out the egg (I can only eat eggs when they are submerged in ish like cakes etc) and I’ll take 3 slices of the avocado out, I know avocado is supposed to be crazy good for you but I cant help thinking there is thick slimy slug in my mouth when I’m chowing it. Errm. Anyhoo, after that: voila: one of my fave kinda sandwiches ( :

  9. God dammit, Dana. My food never looks this good. I’m going to make this Saturday. Bread is life. And because switching to Squarespace has been stupid in that I never see new posts, I finally subscribed so I can drool over your sexy food and A+ outfits every time. ❀

      1. They are serial pests I tell you. I could be taking the second bite of my meal and Mr Meow will ask if I’m ‘done with that and need any help’ *rolls eyes*

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