These are a couple quick pics we took last weekend when we were goofing around in the seaport district.


Don’t mind the phone in all the pictures.

I was trying to track my uber who evidently was a former NASCAR driver because he kept driving around in fucking circles and for some reason the goddamn app wouldn’t let me cancel him.

So we took a couple pictures to distract me from the ferocious thoughts I was thinking about this guy.

I had a coat on but took it off because it was nice enough out to let a little skin show.
An ankle, a collarbone….. what happened toΒ old school sexy?
Wearing F21 top (sold out), H&M jeans (old), BCBG mules (old) & Aldos hat (old).

77 thoughts on “Crutchfield

    1. Yo you’ve seen me lose all my marbles on an uber driver.
      Remember that one I went nuts on in front of House of Blues? You guys had to put me in another car that night.
      This NASCAR driver one didn’t even realize how close I was…

    1. Yeah I’m kinda digging that background too.
      You’d be surprised how many cool backdrops they are that one can’t access for a proper shoot.
      It’s sooooo annoying, bah!

      Happy Friday lady love ❀

      1. That’s too bad about not having access to what feels like a perfect backdrop. Very frustrating, I’m sure. You have an eye for finding good locations, though, things always look great. Happy Friday to you, too, my talented friend ❀

  1. Your Uber guy sucks but you look fly waiting for him. Beautiful top and colour on you and I love your hat. Be sure to bring that with you when you come for a visit! 😏

    xo, jackie

  2. Oh my gaaaawd!! (said in blonde teen cheerleader shriek) You’re like so bang on trend with those sleeves. I love these slouchy loose looks which are reigned in with a killer heel…hmmm….animal print shoeeeees! ( :

  3. Dana, I love this easy breezy cool, especially the hat. On a side note, have you lost weight? You’ve always been in tremendous shape and you are just as beautiful but I do reckon your face looks a little leaner here. Just me?

    1. Dear Lord, I hope so.
      I haven’t really done anything different in my workout routine, just been eating a lot of brown rice and chicken during the workweek. So maybe it’s that.
      Summer 2016 baby😁😁

  4. Adorable outfit Dana! I especially love the blouse! I have something similar from Gimmicks by BKE – I love to wear it with white jeans (cropped) and sandles….can’t wait to bring it back out for the season! πŸ™‚

    1. You know I’ve been hearing that from a lot of bloggers lately, all of them who switched.
      Not much beats the wordpress community, I hope you can get your subscribers back babe!
      ❀ ❀

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