Where’s the Dignity?

So who else is fucking with bodysuits this year?

Oh yeah?
You are?

And how are you finding the pantylines?
How are you addressing that fucking situation, hmm?


I was running errands last week in this because it’s finally getting nice out and I wanted the sun on my back but I was so freaking aware of the panty lines in this bodysuit, ugh.

It lowkey bothered me all day.
How are you guys overcoming this horseshit?
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Wearing Urban Outfitters bodysuit (old), Nasty Gal pants (old) and Addidas slides (these).
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81 thoughts on “Where’s the Dignity?

  1. Hahaha @ pantylines. Girl, you are working that bodysuit! It makes me want to get one now. I love the combination of the wide-leg pant with the bodysuit. It’s VERY flattering on you.

    Oh, the last thing anyone sees is the pantyline. Ha! But I get it. We hate when find something in a picture after all is said and done. Have a great weekend love! Xx

  2. You look amazing! Seriously, those pants with that body fit you perfectly. Pantylines… Well… I don’t think most bodysuits have that ‘no stitches’ option (not sure about the name…). To prevent that situation I usually wear an open oversized shirt and when it’s too hot I just wrap the shirt around my waist. Both ways I cover those lines… Have a great day Dana πŸ™‚

  3. Cool look hon! I love bodysuits and have no panty line situation as I mainly wear skirts…my main prob is the toilet situation. Can all bloody designers make bodysuits with poppers at the crotch, like DUH??!! Its not fun having to strip in public toilets when nature calls just to undo their contraptions. ( :

  4. i am! I just have to find the right underwear to go with them! like black and “nude” is not cutting it. I might try some stuff from Nubian Skin (I think that’s the name lol)

  5. I simply cannot pull off a bodysuit like you do, so I can’t help on the pantyline situation. HOWEVER, I do where a lot of jumpsuits and, MAN, how can something be so comfortable yet so god damn annoying at the same time? Literally having to undress myself to go to the bathroom.

  6. Maybe it’s a women thing to be worried about panty lines. I really don’t care, unless it’s granny panties with tight clothes. And then, I’m like “Really? So you just gonna wear yoga pants with those, huh? So you just gonna restrict all the oxygen in your lower extremities and then top it all off with some menopause-esque undergarments, huh? No shame at all, huh? That’s cool.”

  7. Lol sorry to hear about your pantylines dilemma. Wish I could offer some advice, but I didn’t even know about bodysuits. I’m hopeless when it comes to fashion and trends. All I can say is that you look great!

      1. Haha well you’re fighting the good fight! I gave up for now–at least until the days of children wiping sticky hands on me, sneezing on me, and other messes are behind me. Forgot to say before that I love your title: Where’s the Dignity? Hahaha

  8. You look frigging awesome in this bodysuit and trousers! I can’t really help with the panty line situation as I have avoided body suits as I remember them ( when they were in fashion in the 90’s) being really awkward when having to go to the toilet. I don’t need the hassle and I doubt I look as good as you do in a bodysuit to offset the hassle.

  9. I love how body suits tuck in effortlessly into pants, but I have no idea what kind of bra you’re supposed to wear with one. They usually low-cut in either the front or the back… I’m too prude to go braless… the nipple situation would bother me all day… as would the panty lines but you’re rocking it panty lines or not πŸ˜‰

  10. I’m just doing it. I go for it. Panty linin’ it up. I bought a few bodysuits for work last year (my friends call them onsies) and it was evident where my butt skin bunched up against the onsie. Oh well, at least we have good butts… lol

  11. Greetings DANA,

    Girl, you are simply exquisite! I did not see any pantylines…you were that fascinating! And had I looked any harder, I’d have fallen out of this frame!

    Keep doing your amazing thang!


  12. Omg! I love that you can make me laugh so hard and kill it in a bodysuit at the same time! I mean you look so fierce in that bodysuit that no one will have time to look at your panty lines πŸ™‚ haha I haven’t had the panty line issue yet but I do find bodysuit such a pain when I need to use the bathroom. It’s so annoying! lol
    Anyhow, you look beyond fierce babe!

    xo, Jackie

  13. Hahah sooo true!! I’m obsessed with bodysuits, I was at zara yesterday and saw they had quite a few cute cheap ones and I’d really like to buy a couple..but those freaking pantylines! I already own one and can only wear it with skirts that don’t stick to my butt or boyfriend/mum jeans. So I’m really undecided about purchasing more now T.T

  14. i love the body suit look and have rocked it a few times.
    panty line situation sucked, but last time i wore with jeans and the lines were obscured by pockets and just the material itself, which was cool.
    now what really sucked was trying to pee in that bad boy.
    i miss body suits that had buttons, like baby onesies actually !! only for grown gals like us.

    1. ONESIES!!
      I swear there’s only like 5 of us that still call it that, haha!

      But you’re right though girl – put a bodysuit on with some thick material jeans and problem nearly solved, haha!

  15. I actually remember wearing these in the 90’s when I was around 9 or 10. I hated the inconvenience, but I usually had the snaps. It’s so funny because I never considered that we all find it annoying lol. Dana, you seriously are lookin fine as ever!

  16. Oh my god! You are slaying it!!! I can’t really see the pantyline, but I get what you mean. When you see it, it’s all you CAN see! I’ve never worn a bodysuit but looking at this, I wanna but one! Maybe wear it with a leather skirt? And I think the said pantyline won’t be visible by wearing it that way.

  17. Idk if someone said this already but some places do sell bodysuits with a thong bottom. That could help a little with the pantyline struggle. Cute outfit btw!

  18. Hahaha. Those first several sentences… golden. ;] You know, I’ve never really had to worry too much about it. I guess it’s because I don’t wear mine all that often and, when I do, they’re used as under garments, so people don’t ever really get to see them. When I *do* wear them, I try not to wear any tight fitting skirts or pants. I guess that cuts down on the lines problem.

    The pants that you’re wearing fit you beautifully. They don’t seem to be super tight. They look so flowy and comfortable. The bodysuit looks fantastic with it! If there’s a line problem here, I hardly notice it! πŸ˜€

    – Anna


  19. LOL love the way you write. very refreshing. I legit LOL’ed at “horseshit”.
    I have panty line problems with so many things, not just body suits. Its a big booty girl problem.
    thongs show. briefs show. even no panties are obvious.

    so yeah, what giiivvveeessssss

  20. I loathe pantry lines. Hate seeing and feeling them. I opt for the thong versions, if they aren’t available I will turn it into a thong, lol. Side note: that look totally works!!!

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