Chicken Noodle Bowl

You know those people who you say hello to and they don’t say hello back?
They just smile and it’s a fake smile?
One of those people??

There was somebody at my old company who used to do that and I fell for it like the first 67 times.


I’d be walking down the hall and this lady would be walking the other way.
Never any particular time but whenever I would pass this lady in the hall, I would just be like, “hey good morning” or “hey how’s it going?”, whatever the fuck you say right?

Just being polite.

And she would always do the same thing.


She would tilt her head to the side like she was going awwww, and she’d do this smile but she wouldn’t show any teeth, like the Jay Leno smile?
And then her eyes would squint up like she was looking into the sun.

She’d do that every time.

This big stupid fake smile and I’d just be like grrrrrrrr!


She would always catch me with the fake smile and I would always fall for it and then finally one day, she was walking towards me and I was walking towards her….
And she actually started to anticipate me saying hello.

But I’m in my head going, Nahhh bitch, not today, you not gonna play me today…


So she’s walking towards me like usual and it got right to the point where it’s like who’s going to blink first… you know? And I timed it perfectly.

She anticipated me saying hello and started to tilt her head like usual and this time I fucking did my impression of what she did instead of saying hello.

And of course I did it over the top.


Like I literally laid my head on my shoulder and squinted my eyes like I was trying to see a needle point. I did that and made this ridiculous face as I passed by her and um –
She never looked at me in the hallway again.


And the genius of it all is that it’s not like she even knows what she fucking looks like.

I’m so self-involved I totally assumed she knew what point I was trying to make, you know?
Like say hellooo, stop making that stupid face!!?!

But instead she probably looked at me like what the fuck is up with this girl, does she have some sort of mental tick? I don’t want her around me again.


But I don’t give a fuck what that lay-deeeee thinks.
Giving her shit for her phony ass smile made me feel better and um, that’s what this blog is all about, people.













Chicken Noodle Bowl


What I Used

Leftover Chicken. 1 Egg. 1 small Handful Scallions. 3 cups Fresh Kale Leaves. 2 cups Chicken Broth (low sodium). 1 small handful Noodles (I used whole wheat). 2 large handfuls Shitake Mushrooms. 1 small handful Cilantro.  Olive Oil. Salt. Pepper. Crushed Red Pepper.

What I Did

This is a pretty fun way to use up any leftover meat you have, transform those dry ass chicken breasts into something edible but more importantly, healthy.

It’s about to be summer 2016 over here, I’m not playing games.


First thing I did was make a peanut sauce from this Asian Noodle Bowl recipe.
The only thing I did different was adding a healthy dose of Sriracha Sauce in the mix but everything else is from that link above.
So make the sauce first and set it aside.


Next, cook the noodles according to their instructions.
Set aside.

Cook the kale by heating 3 tbsp olive oil in a large sauce pan and adding the kale leaves.
When the leaves have wilted, add in the chicken broth.
Season with salt, pepper and crushed red pepper.
Reduce heat to med-low and cover.

Simmer for 5 mins or until the thickest stalk can be easily punctured with a fork.
Pour the kale into a strainer to drain any excess liquid and set aside.


Next, cut the stems from the shitake mushrooms and discard.
Slice the mushroom caps horizontally and saute in 2 tbsp olive oil until tender.
Set aside.


Boil the egg and when warm to touch, peel and halve.
Roughly chop the cilantro.
Reheat your leftover meat.


Serve placing the the noodles in the center of a bowl and the rest of the ingredients around it.
Spoon the sauce over and around the bowl.
dana_fashina_food body_builder_recipesAsian_noodle_bowl_recipes


74 thoughts on “Chicken Noodle Bowl

  1. Why must offices be so messed up? I mean, really… what also gets me is the disinterested “how’s it going?” question, especially when the person throws you a curveball and doesn’t say “how’s it going” but instead says “what’s up?,” but the second it’s out of their mouth you’ve already on reflex said the “good” that doesn’t really mean “good,” and by doing so you’ve not answered their question, and revealed you didn’t really listen or care but were trying to have some baseline level of politeness. It’s all such a stupid game.

    Maybe I should try the fake smile/head tilt maneuver. It may be a stroke of brilliance.

    1. Oh my god I think you just summarized every office environment in a nutshell.
      Literally every dumb instance of social interaction, you just summed it up.

      Offices make me sick.

      Try the sarcasm route, just once. I’d LOOOOOVE to hear how it went.
      Like, “How’s it going, Matt?”
      “What do you think, Paul? Why do you always ask the same question? It’s Tuesday. How do YOU think it’s going?”

      I’m just sayin…

  2. Oh Dana, that story. One of my favourites of yours, ever. I put my face in my hands and cried with laughter. Also, the noodle bowl looks delicious 😉

  3. I inadvertently become one of those people because usually I’m so up in my own head lost in my thoughts that I become horribly awkward like that. Such is life being the awkward turtle. But I do try to show that I’m normal when I can to make up for being weird every once in awhile.

  4. Tee-hee! I am pretty sure I’ve seen you mockingly make that smile it’s looks like you’re possessed by the ghost of the Joker hopped up on too much laughing gas. #RIPHeathLeger

    1. Hahahahahah
      SHET UP!!!

      And I only do that shit to bitches I DON’T like. Not some regular stranger in the hallway who’s actually being nice, lol

      I’m so mad you said I look like The Joker when I do it! Boy, you should have seen me on this day then!

  5. Ha, delish looking bowl of goodness there Cake. Way to go, breaking the cycle of the ‘fake smile/nod’ thing. It isn’t that hard to say ‘hello’! You could assume she just thought she was being nice but maybe, just maybe, she was racking up the times ‘she saw that sucker in the hallway who said hello when she made a point of NEVER saying hello.’ And you were just a notch in her belt. 😂

  6. hahaha loved this story, I hate people like that as well, like, is it really so hard to say it back? It’s called being polite and having good manners pff, anyways, food looks deli as always, I should crash dinner time already!

  7. That was hilarious. As an introvert, I can’t even front, I’m terrible at smiling/saying “Good Morning” first. I’ll absolutely smile and say it back to the other person and actually mean it, but I just feel hella awkward saying it first myself lol

    This bowl looks so perfect for Spring; fresh, clean ingredients and a perfect way for me to eat my favorite protein: chicken breast. Thumbs up, girl 🙂

  8. D, I think you may be saying hello to everyone because you have being taught to great people. Yes, we were taught to great people whether we know them or not but then, I soon realised if you don’t great white people, it doesn’t matter to them.
    It is good you made her know you are not under her feet, what will it cost to say hello back? She is what? You know I can’t swear, you know 🙂 🙂

    Food is on point as always. And how is that itching?
    Take care of you

    1. Hahahahahah!! Itching all gone, so random and so quickly gone, thank you for asking! I think you’re the only one who remembered that, haha!

      And I mean, the greeting thing is just common coutesey. It’s ‘hello’ and ‘hi’ in return.
      And I was tired of being played lol

  9. Love the story, love the recipe. We always know when there are ‘London’ people about round here because you say hello to them on a footpath or in the village and they just stare back at you with a look of faint horror in their eyes. Round here people say hello to everyone – I wave at all the tractor drivers (!) – in London I just keep walking (I don’t want to look too weird), but I always say hello back if someone speaks to me.

  10. Dana, I swear you are something else, hahaha! Love that story. Anyhoo, minus the eggs, this dish for me is lives, I love Asian noodles, chicken, veg style mostly annnything and oooh, this one has a sauce that tastes of peanuts. When I got to a vietnamese restaurant, my mate and I always order summer spring rolls with like a bucket of peanut sauce to dip it into! ( :

  11. Dana, I am still laughing!!! This is classic !!! OMW I wish I could have seen that hahahaha Awesome !!!
    It is amazing how many fake people are out there, sorry, I just call them fake. I think I dislike it really, because that is one thing, I am not !!! And, really these fake people, with the fake smiles, look so over the top ridiculous!
    Anyway, apart from that….I need your chicken noodle bowl in my tummy ….like now ! Man, it sounds delicious 🙂
    I have nominated you for The Creative Blogger Award. This is an award, you are so deserving of…Please check out the details on my latest post.

  12. How awful, what a crappy way to treat someone who is just trying to be nice. And it really does sound like she’s doing it on purpose. Bi-atch.
    Now this noodle bowl ROCKS, so many flavours and textures, what I would give to eat that for lunch (or dinner for that matter). The colours are a feast for the eyes. It’s a complex balance of flavours that play on the emotional strings. Plus it looks really yummy.

    1. This comment of yours is yummy, I love it, thank you!!
      And yeah I’ve had this for both lunch and dinner and it’s awesome in both cases.

      Also too, because there’s so much in here, you end up having an assortment of leftover which are great for the next bowl. And the bowl after that.
      A little goes a long way here.
      I wish I added corn…

  13. My friends and I like to call that the “WP smile” I’ll let you figure out what WP stands for lol. But anywho stuff like that really pisses me off. Like why can’t people just open their mouths and speak??

  14. Omg! What I would have given to be a fly on the wall when you did that! lol!!
    I hate women like that! I just don’t understand what the point is to behave like that. I used to work at an office like that and it was always the older women that treated us that way. Stupid!
    By the way this chicken noodle bowl look delicious!

    xo, Jackie

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