Girl Talk

One of the things that makes me feel a little girly is wearing something that shows a little shoulder.
Anytime I wear anything off-shoulder, I get all girly.

Which fools everyone until they hear me talk but until then


Anyway speaking about girly, last weekend I hosted a Boston Blogger brunch because as small as Boston is, we have a very disconnected blogger community and that shit makes nooooo sense to me.

So I said fuck that and gathered a bunch of us together last weekend to address it at a place that serves really, really tasty food and it all came together great.
Like incredibly well.


You’d be surprised how many bloggers are looking for other local bloggers to lync up with, just to have a sense of community, you know?

And all it really takes is a quick shoutout on Instagram.

So I mean, if you’ve been thinking about connecting with other bloggers in real life, go ahead and make the first move.
Don’t deny yourself this easy win.
how_to_wear_white_mules how_to_dress_up_an_off_shoulder_dressboston_fashion_bloggers
Wearing Asos dress (this) and BCBG mules (sold out).

86 thoughts on “Girl Talk

      1. Ahhhh, I see.
        Well definitely take a look at some of the bigger cities and maybe pick a couple times a year to do something with the bloggers out there.
        At least once before 2016 ends 🙂

  1. Yes! Show off them shoulders!! Extremely happy the Brunch went EXTRA EXTRA well and an especially good connection was able to be made! Do you think you’ll plan more in the near future?

      1. So like for me, the easiest way I found them was to do a search by tag (say, #bostonblogger or # bosblogger) on Instagram (or Twitter/FB if you use that).
        That’ll immediately dump a bunch of results in your lap and then you pour threw the results until you filter out a few profiles that strike your attention/fancy.
        When you find them, shoot them a direct message (DM) or email them.
        Typically they have a link to their site in their profile so you can go there too and connect with them on their About Me or Contact page.

        It’s a liiiiiiiittle bit of work but when you find them! Oh, Linda! You’ll be sharing all sorts of things!
        Tips, tricks, cheats, grocery store ideas, food styling ideas, equipment ideas, photo angles…all that good shit.
        It all comes out. It’s almost like they can’t WAIT to share 😀

  2. Love your dress and good one you to take the first step. Some people like myself are a little to reserved to do so. Thanks for this post!

  3. I love that you hosted a blogger brunch. That is a great way to bring your community together. The Seattle blogging community is strong. We are lucky to also have the PR company Gossip & Glamour plan all the events. If it wasn’t for her, I probably wouldn’t have connected with so many amazing women.

    Love your dress and hair! You look gorgeous as always. 😘

  4. First and foremost…your “Formation” hair…so captivating. Second, you are working that dress. This off-the-shoulder phase is one I hope sticks around for a while.

    That’s something that is lacking where I live (bloggers), but my area is also SO far behind the times. Ugh! I’d have to travel outside my zone (which I’m willing to do). The blogging community is so supportive. I was hesitant when I first started, but so glad I joined. I was able to come across amazing and talented people such as yourself. LOL @ “until they hear me talk”. I love it! Xx

    1. Yaasssssss!!!
      *flips hair*
      I hope this phase sticks around too, I’m lowkey loving it, haha!
      That’s a bummer about having to travel a bit to meet people but Abrielle, it’s so worth it!!

      The girls all hit me up like “pleeeeeeassse let’s do this again! ”
      Commit to giving it a shot at some point before 2016 ends 😊

      1. Yes, it definitely is worth it! I just know you and the others had a great time. If I lived closer you know I would be there…no question in my mind. Have a great weekend love! Xx

  5. Yes hunny!!! LOVE this look, and have been eyeballing similar styles from Asos. This shoot is perfection!

    You are lucky to connect with other bloggers in Boston… I know a few STLBloggers, Imma try to reach out one more time… LOL!

    Maybe I’ll start with a FB group…I need to just plan something and roll with it.

    Maybe a Blogger and Local Photographer Brunch.

    1. Lolol
      One more time……

      No girl. Its not luck, it’s just forcing my way in basically. It’s realizing that a lot of unnecessary shit is at play and interrupting that with how I think it should be.

  6. I like this simple look on you – always so fab!

    What a good idea to host a blogger get together. Sometimes I feel intimidated cause everyone and their mom’s a blogger these days – how do you make yourself stand out? There’s a lot of big time bloggers, and the smaller time bloggers like me I don’t yet know. Where to find them?!?!

    Good job on your easy win! ^_^


    1. I hear you girl.
      So like for me, the easiest way I found them was to do a search by tag (say, #bostonblogger) on Instagram (or Twitter if you use that).
      That’ll immediately dump a bunch of results in your lap and then you review a few profiles until you find some that strike your attention/fancy and shoot them a direct message (DM).

      Typically they have a link to their site in their profile so you can go there too and connect with them on their About Me page.
      Def give it a shot!

  7. Gurl, you’re sooo on trend, like ooohh maaai gaawd! Great pins hon! And digging the Tina Turnering of your ‘hur! I’ve been thinking of doing a blogger brunch in Berlin and LDN but I’m pacing myself with other blog stuff first before getting down to that. Its always interesting to hear about other peep’s experience in this area, good on you for making shit happen! ( :

  8. Looking girly and beautiful babe! Love your off the shoulder dress, its sexy and hot 🙂
    What a great idea to bring other bloggers together, its such a great way to create a community that supports each other!
    Have a great weekend girl!

    xo, Jackie

  9. OMG, I gotta have those SHOES!!! (What size do you wear????) Just kidding! Not-with-standing, you look amazing girl, that simple little dress is perfect on you!

  10. Simply gorgeous dana :), it’s hard meeting other bloggers in Melbourne, Australia since we don’t have that much to begin with here because most of them live in other states, i’ve connected with a lot more overseas bloggers than Australian ones x

  11. You look so pretty in the dress! And I think that was an awesome idea of getting together with local bloggers, even though I live in a big city, I don’t personally know a blogger but I did see someone from Mexico comment in here, Daniela Soriano. I should send her a message. Hopefully she won’t think I’m weird or being stalkerish.

      1. Okay! Already checked out her blog. Seeing that you don’t find it creepy, then I’ll definitely do it. I’m glad your post brought this, I have a feeling a lot of bloggers are going to get together thanks to you 🙂

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