Solace for Tired Feet

I don’t normally like to do travel posts because how many airplane views of clouds and pictures of trees and sunsets and churches and beaches do you need to fucking see to get the goddamn point 


Yet a few people have asked so here’s a hodgepodge of pictures from my time in San Juan.

Heads up, there are not many photos of me in actual clothes because all I wore everyday was a little bikini and some sunscreen, basically whatever could fit in one carry-on which didn’t leave much room.http://ivegotcake.comBoston_style_bloggers
Already cannot wait to go back.

Wearing bikinis from Asos, Nasty Gal and Victoria’s Secret.

62 thoughts on “Solace for Tired Feet

  1. Goodness gracious! You make everyone want to go to the gym Sunday through Saturday. #TooHot LOL @ your first sentence. The first, second, and twelfth picture gives me life. The sixth picture needs to be in a magazine spread (seriously). And hello? You’re in San Juan, and near the beach! Not a lot of clothing required. Hahaha! Have an awesome weekend love! Xx

  2. Sigh–I really need to go to Puerto Rico. You look like you had such a great time, and I fully support a limited wardrobe of bikinis and coverups when one is staying on the beach.

  3. I just wanna point out that I didn’t read your disclaimer because the first picture caught me off guard, so I scrolled down and then BAM! Dana in a bikini…scrolled down quickly and then BAM BAM BAM!! More “Dana in bikinis” pictures. Am I complaining though? Not at all. I’ve always wanted to go San Juan! Lucky girl!

  4. hey dana, glad you had an amazing time. I’ve been wanting to travel, but I am conscious of traveling as a single black lady. do you have any tips for how to have fun when travelling alone? Thanks

    1. Hey lady,
      I totally get what you mean about taking solo trips so other than the obvious:
      – Stay in a safe neighborhood.
      Wherever you decide to rest your head should be safe for women.
      – Try and arrange transportation ahead of time if you can.
      – If you’re exploring the city, try and tell someone where you’re going before you leave.
      – Always make copies of your passport.
      – etc etc

      Aside from all that, what I like to do is research the citys events for the time I’m there.
      Like last year when I was in Panama, I found out that they were having a couple of dope festivals.
      They were a little distance away from where I was staying but I mean, pretty much all festivals are, and it was so much freaking fun!
      Anytime you get to participate in a local event, DO IT!

      Then find out what the local music scene is. I find people tend to gather where they can celebrate music and good music is always a good time.
      Find a live band, some live dancing…dope dope dope!

      Same thing for food.

      Do some research on any outdoor eateries or outdoor food events. Good food outdoors in great weather plus a couple drinks = people watching happiness.

      Hope some of this help babe!
      Feel free to shoot me an email from the Contact Page if you want to go over anything else, I’d be happy to help!
      ❤ ❤

  5. Hello abs babe! Killer bod, killer bikinis! Loving all your pictures! The view from your hotel is beautiful…I think I need to visit San Juan. lol!
    Have a great weekend!

    xo, Jackie

  6. San Juan.. *sigh*

    This post has brought back a ton of memories for me. I visited about a year ago and it is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever encountered. I enjoyed every bit of my time there and it definitely was one of the places that felt like a home away from home.

    And girl, your bod.. my goodness!

  7. This post is giving me life! Your body is on fleek gurrrrl!
    So much motivation in this post (I need the gym!)
    Now adding San Juan to my wanderlust list…thank you Dana 🙂

  8. These vacations photos aren’t real. No one, aside from celebrities, get sick photos like this. You never cease to amaze me girl. And that body? STOP! Too hot and I can’t even.

    Worst written comment ever but it’s just because this left me so speechless and I’m in love with everything about you ❤

  9. Looks like Paradise hon and that body is looking tiiiiiight, DayyuMMMM!
    As you’ve prob noticed or maybe you havnt, I aint been in the blogopshere for a while…I was super sick…I’m better now… my new blog isnt ready yet ( I KNOW!!) But I’m practicing Let Go, Let Flow now as all that anxiousness was doing nada positive…
    Anyhoo for shits and giggles I did a Naija Dance Teaser Vid on my FB page, I know you’re not on Fb but wanted to share it with you anyway ( :

    1. Oh no!!!
      Yeah I did notice you hadn’t been around but bloggers take breaks so often I just figured you were on a break.
      Plus I think you said you were working on re-vamping your blog look so I didn’t worry about your absence too much. But you were sick??
      Damn boo, so sorry to hear that!
      Glad you’re doing better though, what was wrong with you?
      You’re not pregnant are you…………??????????????????

      1. Dana, you are toooo much, hahaha! Well as no mane has been sniffing round me for quite some time, the chances of me getting with child are highly anorexic! ( : Hhahaha, I cant get over the question…hahaha…

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