I’ve been slowly filling my closet with little off-shoulder things.


I really love the feminine look they lend to pretty much everything they’re paired with and they’re the perfect thing to slip on when you don’t know what to wear.
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Wearing an Asos off shoulder dress (out of stock) and Born of Concept shoes (old).

63 thoughts on “Gladys

  1. Gah that dress is perfect! Asos is killing it in the off the shoulder department, I should bite the bullet and just get this dress or that blue shirt that I’m seeing everywhere.

  2. This is gorgeous Dee and you are wearing it well.
    Why did I stop getting notification of your posts? I must have done something on my setting. Will look.
    Anyhoo, take care of you and you know I luh yah. XO

      1. LOL. Been super busy. After working on science-y shit all day, my poor brain can barely come up with more than two words…which are usually “fuck this” followed by the laptop lid being slammed shut. ❤ 😉 I have managed to start a new painting, which I plan on posting more pics in progress. Keep checking!

  3. “Work, work, work”….sorry. LOL. That’s what was playing in the store while I was skimming through my reader feed. But let’s be honest…you are WORKING this dress! Love it! Very sexy in a settle way. 😉

  4. *sigh*
    That’s all I’ve got for now…

    No, I lie. So I really want one of these off the shoulder dresses or tops but then I remember how irritated I get when they ride up and plus the comments that usually ensue on the sighting of my trap muscles, when I don’t have hair to hide them come flooding back and well…yea…. I remove whatever I had my eye on from my basket! that’s a long ass sentence. I apologise! But you get the picture lol
    Hi-five on the look… because nobody hi-fives anymore

      1. They’re sexy NOW.. Growing up was not fun times for me. I was hella toned and got called unfeminine and likened to a man. Now those same people tell me I look good and I’m like B*TCH PLEASE!!

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