Nights in Ballygran

Last weekend I had another blogger meet up with a different set of Boston bloggers, those that didn’t make it to the brunch.

This is becoming such a beautiful gathering, I think I’m going to make it a recurring thing.


Later that night I went out with some of the girls for a couple cocktails so we could loosen up a bit more and listen to some good music.

It was one of those warmish-windy nights so I belted this lightweight coat and wore it as a kimono. street_style_inspiration boston_fashion_bloggers dana_fashina_style how_to_style_a_duster
Wearing F21 Coat (old), Fashion Nova Jeans (these), Chocker (a removable bra strap) and BCBG shoes (old).


58 thoughts on “Nights in Ballygran

  1. I want to chop off your legs and keep them as my own, my precious. ❤ This creepy blog comment was brought to you with love by Beer. "Beer: You Should Stop Talking Now"

  2. Those heels are amazing Dana! You look stunning as always obviously!

  3. See, I look at this and I realise that you are a girl who has got her shit together. It highlights exactly how I do not have my shit together whatsoever. If I wore this I would fall and break my toes (in slow motion) while watching my tits fall out.

    You wear this and look like a magical, put together unicorn. Have all of my admiration.

  4. Ok I gotta know, when you wore the jacket, did you wear it with belted so your bra wouldnt show or did you show some bra/boobage???? Its a fab n sexy look hon and loving the shiny texture of the jacket! ( :

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