Penguin One, Us Zero

Some days require no fanfare or fuss.

Last weekend was a 3 day weekend for us Americans and I kept things happily casual.

I hit the beach for the first time this year and although the water is still way too cold to play in, it was lovely laying out there.


We took these pictures on the way there because I was diggin this background.
Wearing H&M boyfriend jeans (old), Zara t shirt and Adidas slippers (these).

35 thoughts on “Penguin One, Us Zero

  1. That background is killer and works very nicely in these photos! I keep forgetting that you’re up in Boston and of course the water is going to be much colder than it is down here–this weekend I’m hoping to be able to jump in my parents’ pool so long as the rain doesn’t roll in.

  2. Love that background and your boyfriend jeans! So fly babe!
    Boston beaches sound like ours, effin cold! Until july, that is.🙄 lol
    Have a great weekend!

    xo, jackie

  3. Great jeans hon, they look so comfy (as do your slippers!). And I can see why you wanted to get papped by that wall, tsigh….that’s when you know you have blogger blood. As you walk about your beady eyes are naturally picking out choice backdrop/location spots! Have a great wkend hon! ( :

  4. Those Adidas sandals are my childhood! Everyone had them and there was a big thing about counting stripes coz if you had the ones that were authentic Adidas with three stripes you must be RICH. Like, mega wealthy 😂Most people had budget knock offs with three for four stripes, and we judged them.

    I’m sure our 8 year old judgmental bitchiness really brought them down. Children are terrible.

  5. Umm…HAIR! ❤

    Actually…hair, figure, outfit….everrrryyythiiinnggg. I HATE YOU.
    Not really though. I’ve missed you and this amazing blog of yours!

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