Did You Do This? No, You Did It!

Yeah those are wrinkles.

On this romper not my face.
Don’t get cute.


I thought I could get away without having to iron out these wrinkles but guess not and it is what it is because I really hate ironing.

I’ll do laundry twice over before I’ll iron something – I loathe ironing.
It’s worse than getting my nails done.

Both are a MAJOR waste of time but ironing is infinitely worse.
Wearing Fashion Nova romper (this) and Adidas kicks.

75 thoughts on “Did You Do This? No, You Did It!

    1. Hahaha!!
      It’s one of those things where when it’s you – all the flaws are all you see, you know?
      Everyone else is like, ‘yeah no – I don’t see it’ and you’re like, YOU DON’T SEE THIS BIG ASS PIMPLE!!

  1. Haha. I think most people hate ironing. I prefer the steamer. One of the best purchases ever made! You look fabulous (no surprise there). You pull off the simplest looks with little effort.

    I didn’t even notice the wrinkles until you mentioned it. Ummm, hello? Everyone will be looking at your amazing body. Ha! Hope you enjoy the rest of your week gorgeous! Xx

  2. Wrinkly romper????? I couldn’t get past those legs! I do not iron either, my dear. If it doesn’t come out of the dryer decent it gets shoved aside until there is a stack and I’m naked with no clothes…lol!

  3. I hate ironing, too! But I love steaming my clothes! So much easier and less work! 😆 Love me some rompers. I just bought one for work and it’s so comfortable. Onesies for stylish adult women, I tell ya! 😉

  4. Haha! You crack me up. I get my iron out (maybe) once a year. I actually ironed my shorts the other day and my husband was so confused when he saw the iron out when he got home.

  5. You look awesome in the romper! I hate ironing too, and I don’t if I can get away with it. I’m so bad at it and get so frustrated with it that when my hubby sees me getting out the Ironing board and iron out he immediately asks if I want him to do the ironing. Its a yes everytime! He is great at ironing as that was a chore he had to do as a child! His mum trained him very well.

      1. Holy shit, how can I forget about folding and putting away clothes 😳

        That’s terrible too!

      1. That’s what I’ve been reading! He was married with a kid but was a frequent visitor to the club (for three years at least) and had gay apps on his phone…I think that’s a little too long to be just ‘stalking’ don’t you?!

      1. You’re like my mum (mom to you lol) she told my dad point blank that she would be doing no ironing! Lucky for her, he likes it too. I think that’s who I get it from.

  6. That is a cute-as romper and backdrop . . . and no, I didn’t see any creases.
    While we’re on the topic, I don’t think anyone could hate ironing more than I do. I am more likely to buy new clothes than have to iron my freshly laundered clothes.
    Which is probably why I only iron once every 4-6 months I kid you not.
    Same deal with nails. And eyebrows. And haircuts.
    Ok, I’m as lazy as they come.

    1. Hahaha!!!
      I’m with you. I don’t even remember where my iron is, come to think about it lol
      Eyebrows? Guilty.
      I feel like once I get them done (threaded), I’m hooked.
      They’ll suck me into that vortex and next thing you know, I’m a feen – hooked on threaded eyebrows.

  7. Killing it in black! Love this romper on you babe🔥I don’t see any wrinkles on it!
    I’m with you, I loathe ironing too. I bought a steamer for that very reason, so if the steamer can’t get it out than I don’t care!lol I mean it’s going to wrinkled up once you wear and start moving around right… Any how, you look amazing in this romper 🙂

    xo, jackie

  8. Why does fabric like this even exist anymore? I feel like science has advanced far enough to make all fabric “wrinkle free” right? I’m guilty of it too and I will wear my wrinkled up mess of a shirt to work and apologize to everyone I see but STILL won’t iron it haha!

    You look hot as hell (as usual) and I love you in a romper. Whatever you are doing at the gym is w o r k i n g so well. ❤

    1. No, you’re totally right.
      We most def already have the technology for this, think of all the wrinkle-free shirt commercials. Wrinkle-free Dockers.
      But see if they made that the default fabric, there wouldn’t be anything to distinguish the poor people from the rest of the 1%. So they said, ‘fuck itttt’ and now I’m writing a post about a goddamn wrinkled romper.

      Thanks for the love boo ❤ ❤

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