B.J. and the A.C.

Remember a few months ago when it was winter and I was bitching about how cold it was and how I couldn’t wait to feel the sun on my back, remember that?


Ok cool. Just checking.

Because I almost forgot.

It’s starting to get hot as shit out and I caught myself aboutttt to complain – but then I remembered what winter feels like and I immediately shut the fuck up and tolerated the heat the best way I could.
Pants by H&M (not available online but this is similar), Forever 21 bandeau top (circa. 2011) and Call It Spring sandals (old too).

70 thoughts on “B.J. and the A.C.

  1. Lmao! I hate winter but I don’t know what has gotten into me because I’m not fucking with this either though. I don’t know what I want anymore lol

      1. That’s awesome! Showing gratitude is the best shit.
        Hey, at least you express your gratitude!

      2. Yeah it’s interesting just how much we forget to say ‘thank you’ for.

        But I see what you did there, you tried to put me on the spot (you asshole) but I was ready and now it’s serious, hahaha!!

      3. It really is that’s why I try to make sure that I always say ‘thank you’.

        Noooo, no, no lol Dana it was nothing like that! I mean, if you want you can bring it though because I’m ready too!

      4. Wait, why? Lol what did I do?

        I’ve been told before that I’m the worst and an asshole but I couldn’t understand why 🙊🙈

      5. Not even Dana! You’re making me look like a total ass now on your page lol people won’t want to fuck with me now… 😂

      6. You probably have your own army on here lol so I’m fucked! I don’t really start shit though lol I was just curious

  2. Heat always beats out cold. Always. I was going to scold you about complaining about the heat, but thankfully you caught yourself before I needed to. 😉

    This outfit looks SO COMFORTABLE and yet so chic. Those pants are everything.

  3. Loving the easy breezy trousers…(pants to you lol)

    I wore a denim dress with trainers recently after feeling empowered by one of your posts So yeah…thanks girl! lol

    Oh and we don’t get but 1-3 days of “summer” here in the UK so thank you lucky stars!

    1. Yassss!! Dresses and kicks are underrated, when are you going to post more style looks on your blog again?

      And yes! I know your weather is worse than ours, I don’t know how yall manage over there for real. I’d be depressed as hell under all those clouds and months of so so weather.

      Oh! And how do you feel about the BREXIT?

      1. Not sure you want my Brexit opinion… Let’s just say I was and still am NOT IMPRESSED. I should send you some clips of the people who voted leave then you’d understand. Racist incidents/attacks have gone up since the vote too. The less said about that, the better.

        Re: style posts. I have a backlog of pics to post. To be honest I wish I had someone who could follow me around with a camera so I get the shots I want. At present they’re just kinda crummy which is why I don’t share them. I really need to stop with the excuses and post them anyway… You’ve made me feel challenge to do so now!
        One will be up by Monday at the latest!

  4. I wore that type of pants almost everyday when I was in Thailand, where it was insanely hot even in the dead of their winter. They might have literally saved my life – they were cooler/breezier than dresses and skirts!

  5. Hahah same girl. I’m in here with my AC cranked and throw blanket clearly I’m confused. It needs to be Spring year round because that’s the only time I don’t complain. Love those pants!

  6. Hot as shit out. I remember that. I don’t think London has scheduled any of that in for us this year. We’ve got political unrest and multiplying muppets instead. You look beyond gorgeous though!

  7. LOL…we all do that ! When it is cold we want the heat, when it is hot, we want the cooler weather, even if it is for a split second. You are normal girl 🙂 Love it !!! and of course, you are looking good as usual 🙂 x

  8. Well, in my part of the world, we are freezing our butts off at the moment. I used to crave for winter, but this year, I’m left puzzled wondering whether I’m just getting old, how on earth I got through other winters (was there really a time I wore skirts with no tights in winter? Just howwww?????). I’ve been thinking about the prospect of going out wearing a blanket, cos everything else just seems flimsy… lol… aren’t we humans something!

    1. LOL!
      The current you can’t keep up with the past you, huh? Dude – happens EVERY day to me. I’m just left like, howwww thoooo, bah!!

      And when you think about it, you probably could get away with a blanky…put some heels-ish shoes on and stomp around like you mean it – nobodys gonna question you.

      Happy weekend lady love!

  9. Haha – the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence! Here in the UK we are still moaning about the brrrrrrr freezing cold and rain in our ‘dreary’ summer… x

      1. Ahh bless you – I was only kidding – After 55 years living with our British summers I’m kind of used to the ‘dreariness’ now. Us Brits just love moaning about the weather!! You enjoy the sunshine – I’m just a green eyed monster!! x

  10. LOL! I was the same way until I thought about Winter time — although I’m sure Louisiana’s winter may be like a Fall to you. LOL!

  11. I’ve got a serious case of hair envy atm, you look so pretty as always babe! And those pants are the best!!


  12. Well I’m in Berlin Cold City Central and now we are experiencing summer, sometimes when i get as hot as F, I do find myself complaining but you’re right we gotta remember it beats your nipples icing off…great tube and loose pants combo: its like a summer uniform Must.
    Ps when I leave you comments, does the link for my blog take you to my old or new blog? Would be super awesome to know this.
    Over the wkend, I’m gonna email my blog guy about why I’m not on you peeps WordPress Reader etc.

    1. Just checked – it links to the new blog.
      But if I comment on the new blog and you reply – I don’t know. Normally WP gives you an indication or some sort of notification when someone replies but nothing.

      Also – did my follow transfer over when you switched?

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