Classic New England Lobster Rolls

Happy 4th, people!

We crashed a pool party this morning and I’m still here, trying not to look drunk sooooooOOooOo – this is going to be a short post.


To celebrate the 4th, I made lobster rolls.
Because hot dogs would be such a goddamn cliche.

A joke of a steak, if you will.















New England Lobster Rolls

What I Used

2.5lbs Lobster (whole or tail meat). Hot Dog Buns. 2 tbsp Mayo. Chives (optional).

What I Did

You probably don’t remember but I have a tremendous fear of bugs and insects – pretty much any spiny thing that wiggles triggers a cold sweat and live lobster falls right in that category.

Fuuuuuuuuck that.

And since I didn’t feel like begging my neighbor to help me put a live lobster in a pot of boiling water again, instead I just went and bought a shit ton a of fresh lobster tails.



Cook the lobster by steaming it or boiling it.
I prefer to boil mine because it’s literally that easy to get a perfectly cooked lobster.

If you chose to boil your lobster, heat a large pot of water over high heat and when it’s boiling and bubbling – add the lobster.

Cook, covered, over high heat for 8-10 mins or until the lobster turns bright red.
Note: The time cooking may vary if you cook a whole lobster.

The claws take longer to cook than the rest of the lobster so if you’re cooking a whole one, put the lobster in head first, so the claws are closest to the heat source.


When the lobster is cooked, remove from heat and drain the water off.

Let it cool for a couple mins and when it’s warm enough for you to handle, crack the shells and cut the extracted lobster meat into bite sized chunks.
http://ivegotcake.comhttp://ivegotcake.comIt’s gonna take all kinds of mental fortitude to resist sneaking a couple pieces into your mouth during this part but do what you can, alright?
It gets way better, I promise.

Wayyy better.


Place the lobster chunks in a bowl and mix in the 2 tbsp mayo.
how_to_make_lobster_rolls http://ivegotcake.com

Some people chose to add other spices in at this part but for real – you don’t need to. 
This isn’t steak, you don’t need to get fancy. It’s already fucking perfect.

Mayo + lobster chunks. Mix.
The End.


Part the hot dog bun in the middle and toast the insides.
Spoon the lobster mix into the toasted buns.

Dice the chives and sprinkle a tiny handful of them on top for garnish. dana_fashina_food 3_ingredient_lobster_rolls
I find about 2.5lbs of lobster makes about 6 nicely stuffed lobster rolls but trust me when I say this shit goes fast.

Save at least two for yourself before you go hanging these puppies out.
lobster_rolls_boston_bloggers dana_fashina_recipes boston_food_bloggers

58 thoughts on “Classic New England Lobster Rolls

  1. Good lord, Dana, I think I just ruined my phone from drooling all over it. Here I am in a land-locked Illinois suburb, where the only “lobster” comes with the word “Red” before it and a heaping helping of heart-attack cheddar Bay biscuits, and you taunt and tease me with this? I miss New England seafood so badly and this afternoon I am going to a cookout which will probably feature lots of Velveeta casseroles.

    Oh, in case you couldn’t tell, this looks amazing. Happy 4th to you!

    1. How’s the cookout!!?!
      You, and a whole bunch of other dudes have visited Red Lobster lately.
      Compliments Beyonces new song.

      Aside from that,thank you!
      I made 5 and ate 2 completely before i remembered there were 6 more.

  2. Happy 4th girl! These look amazing! I mean who need hotdogs (a.k.a. mystery meat) when you can have lobster!!lol!
    Hope you enjoy the rest of your day 😘

    xo, jackie

  3. you can crash my party any day if you come packing delicacies such as this!! I’d probably make you the honored guest!!!LOL Happy 4th darl’in daughter

  4. Hope you had a brilliant day and don’t suffer with too much of a hangover!! Looks like a ‘posh’ pool party with the Lobster!! x

  5. Didn’t have the time to leave you a comment yesterday love. I do hope you had a good 4th. It was hubby’s birthday so we all celebrated him. Love that food and great presentation as always.

  6. I was in Massachusetts last week and ate my first ever lobster roll. It was delish but ohhhh so rich. But there was something so tantalizing and fabulous about eating fresh lobster on a deck overlooking the craggy shoreline of Cape Ann with Atlantic sea breezes keeping the temp chill. I loved it. Happy Summer!

  7. Ah! Looks absolutely heavenly.

    There ought to be a disclaimer clause at the top of your food posts, like so – “Viewer discretion is advised, photographs are likely to trigger hunger”. 😀

    You make cooking look so easy-peasy-breezy. Thank you for sharing your recipe.

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