The man who runs the cafeteria at my job, he’s been saying this to me off and on for the past 3, 4 months and he doesn’t know me from a hole in the wall.

First of all, any man with half a fucking brain knows not to tell a woman he doesn’t know to ‘smile!’

Finally today –


Me: You keep telling me to smile, is there a problem?

Him: *startled expression*

Me: I’m asking if my smile is your problem?

Him: Well…’s…it’s not…you just have a lovely smile…you should smile more….

Me: Oh yeah? You wanna know why I’m not smiling today?

Him: …ummm….well…should I even ask….I mean, from the look you’re giving me right now, I’m not sure I want to know.

Me: *speaks slowly* Because they’re still killing defenseless black men. Shooting them, over and over. MURDERING them. And. It’s. STILL. LEGAL.


Him: *jaw hangs*

Me: YOU go find something to smile about. Don’t comment on my smile ever again.



Yo I’m fucking angry!!!
Black America is ANGRY today and right now anyone can catch this heat.

Just cuz it’s not happening on your street doesn’t mean it’s not happening in these streets.


I’m talking about young black boys growing up without fathers…

Stop killing our fathers and brothers, sons and nephews.

19 thoughts on “Smile!!

  1. Reblogged this on stuff and things with lee and commented:
    Just because it’s not happening in my field of vision doesn’t mean it’s not happening or not worth our attention. The continued recent events matter. We must stop pretending they don’t. Change starts with us. Speak up. Be heard. Create change. Our world needs it.

  2. Absolutely heartbreaking and gut wrenchingly sickening. Even across the other side of the world and ‘not on my street’ I say, it’s all our street and it’s time for it to stop.

  3. Well done. His constant telling you to smile would have been obnoxious even without the fact that black people are being murdered in this country for no reason. I hope your comment makes him think.

  4. yaaaaaassssss. sucks when you work with the most privileged of people and they just WILL NEVER understand it. Then, I got in my feelings like I had to fight SO hard for this job, and I still fight every day. When I speak up I’m the threatening black girl, but when others speak up they’re simply voicing their opinions. Smh. I’ve learned my lesson. Gotta stay 10 steps ahead. I’m not gonna kiss ass to climb to the top, I’ll create my own empire and employ and serve people like myself. Fxck ’em.

  5. OF ALL THE GODDAMN DAYS TO SAY THAT. JFC. Good for you for putting him in his place and hopefully this shuts his mouth from now on.

    I can’t even imagine what’s going through your head today–the sadness on my FB feed is palpable. (Well, save for a small subset of people who will not be mentioned.)

  6. All of the world should be angry about this senseless killing. It’s heart breaking. People at my job were crying. I think America will take action. This cannot continue. Be strong. We are all one. You also bring up an interesting gender issue. People think women should smile and be pleasant but they don’t have that expectation of a man. Very frustrating.

  7. Amen! I just don’t understand whats going on in U.S. I’m not saying things are perfect in Canada but black men aren’t being senselessly killed. It breaks my heart that in 2016, race relations still remain so tense and unbalanced…. We all need to come together to bring about change or it will never happen.

    xo, Jackie

  8. That’s why you’re my GURL!! You tell’ em. Ps I’ve been thinking about how to do a #BlackLivesMatter post blog but still don’t know how, so its inspiring to read yours…I cant believe what is going on in America and the way its being reported is FUCKING AGGRAVATING. I was talking to a friend about Alton Sterling and she goes, ‘oh the man that was carrying a gun and got shot by Police…’ and I stopped her and was like ‘NoooooOOO…’ and had to fill her in on what I saw in that horrendous vid!!
    And on a side note, peeps that tell you to smile, whats up with that: mind your own fuckn business, you dont know what’s going on in my head. If Disney cartoon birds keep tweeting and running halos round your head, then keep smiling and move the F on… Erm, The End.

  9. Thank you for not just smiling and brushing it off. What is wrong with A. SOME PEOPLE and B. PEOPLE in GENERAL.

    I’m sad that the world we live in is so messed up. I have had to unfollow too many people on social media that can’t get their heads out of their asses and see what in the actual hell is going on.

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