Yellow Sticker

You ever buy something….a pair of shoes, a pair of jeans, something you like SO much, that fits you so perfectly that you basically have to buy a second pair right there on the spot because just. in. case……..?


In case you spill something on it, in case it gets fucked up in the laundry, in  in case it catches on a goddamn edge and tears, in case you fucking wear it the hell out–
Should shit happen, you have a backup.

These shoes.


These puppies came with a recent Asos delivery and t-rust me when I say, these will be one of the few most comfortable shoes you will wear all summer.

Believe it.
denim_platform shoes boston_fashion_bloggers zara_espadrilles
Wearing Zara shoes (theeeeeese), Asos drop waist dress (old) and Ray Ban glasses (old).


36 thoughts on “Yellow Sticker

  1. Guilty of buying the same thing twice just in case something happens! I love your summer outfits Dana, really. That dress is made for wearing with lace up espadrilles, I’m sure of it! 😘😘

  2. I love this colour ! It rally looks good on you. I would like ask if you would be part of my new segment.
    I’m starting a new segment as part of my blog called ‘Hair What I Got To Say’ which features short interviews from guest bloggers and up and coming creatives highlighting how they maintain their hair and inside beauty tips. I have a short list of questions I can send you to complete and once you filled it out I can upload it as a feature. Let me know your thought? Xxx

      1. I had a pair of lace ups that finally had to be retired…you’re inspiring me to get a new pair!! 🙂 Have a great weekend my friend!! 🙂

  3. Although I have never done that, I have OFTEN wished I had. Usually about a year or two later when you start seeing the wear on the shoes. I still cry about some of them.

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