This is me after waking up at 5am on a Sat to do a spin class at 6 because I’m an idiot who needs to learn to just say, no.


You blow someone off often enough, the answer is no.
Not, ok boo I’ll be there this weekend!

Just, no.
Wearing Adidas top (old), Forever 21 shorts (old) and Nike shoes (old).brown_girl_bloggers_bostonboston_fashion_bloggers

54 thoughts on “Cairo

  1. The only upside to getting up so early to spin is that you can easily justify being a lump for the rest of the day, including taking a nap if necessary in the afternoon. And at least you looked great that early!

  2. But at list you got a delicious brunch afterwards right? right?! and I agree with the comment above, you do not say yes to anything before 11am on a weekend! Especially if it involves so much activity and energy!

  3. You are a very good friend to wake up @5am to do a 6am spin class. But I that’s why you have that fab bod🔥! There’s no way I would look that good at 5am! lol!

    xo, Jackie

  4. No way would I be getting up at 5am! In fact my friends know that I don’t see that side of 10am, so they just don’t ask, unless they want to put up with me being grumpy… a lot grumpy! I would never look that good in sports wear either!

  5. Hookay! So that’s where you get abs. 5 o’clock is where ya have to be to get abs. Guess I won’t have abs hahaha -_-

    Rockin’ body though girl. You make it looks so good I almost want to get up that early. ALMOST. 😉

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