Ice Cream Sandwiches

I’ve Got Ice Cream!


Get it?
I’ve got ice crea-        aahhhh, you get it!














Ice Cream Sandwiches

What I Used

Some DOPE, freshly baked chewey cookies. Your favorite Ice Cream.

What I Did

WARNING: Only assemble these sandwiches when you are absolutely READY to eat them.

Unless you own a food truck, you are not equipped to waste time on this.



potluck_desserts Ice_cream_cookie_sandwichesIce_cream_sandwiches
I gotta tell you though….trying to make ice cream sandwiches on a humid ass day…. it’s like falling in love with a stripper.


When you first start off you really think you can make it work, your level of excitement is at an all time high, this is fucking IT, right??

But she’s still stripping.
dana_fashina_food hot_summer_recipe_ideas

And after a certain point it’s just like…. buddy, what are you doing??

Of COURSE she’s still stripping,what the fuck did you think was gonna happen?




72 thoughts on “Ice Cream Sandwiches

  1. I don’t know if I was laughing or drooling harder. I tried to photograph some of those DIY Popsicle things two weeks ago when it was hot as ballz and it pretty much went down the same way.

    On a different note, your nails are everything I wish my nails could be. So sharp. So perfect. ❤

    1. Dude it is hard as fukk to do shit like this on a hot ass day but i said I wouldn’t complain so let it be know I’M NOT lol

      And thanks babe. I grow my nails out because I hate getting my nails done and putting press-ons only takes longer – and when eventually one of these puppies breaks, they’ll all get cut down to that length and we’ll begin again.
      It’s a love-indifferent relationship I have with these nails o’ mine, heehee

    1. Oh, and by trying “this” I meant the ice cream sandwiches. I do not want to try falling in love with a stripper on vacation and bringing my kids along. This is real life, not Maury Povich.

      1. Hahahahah!!!
        Dude I totally read that and was like, wait… huh!!?!

        ::cut to Maury::

        “…alright alright, settle down. Matt, when it comes to stripper Sandy Cane, you did NOT fall in love with her!!!”

        ::crowd goes fucking NUTS while you’re either stomping around on stage slapping hi-fives or on your knees thanking and making promises to God::

  2. Yummy! Who doesn’t love ice cream sandwiches. The perfect way to start a Monday morning…looking at ice cream sandwiches. And now it’s going to be on my mind all day long 🙂

    xo, Jackie

  3. Hahahaha I love your analogy !!!! Good one !!!! Well, you certainly have my attention, and trust me I can relate to the pics and the heat, and the ice cream 🙂 x
    Btw, I made some coffee, choc chip cookies, and I think I am now going to load a few with ice cream and devour 🙂

  4. That analogy tho; you’re hilarious lol

    I love me an ice cream sandwich. My 3 year old niece is sitting next to me and just pointed at your pictures asking me to make them for her. So thanks for that…I think. 😉

  5. omg why haven’t I ever thought of this? I love cookies AND ice-cream so…
    Did you actually bake those cookies yourself? say yes and make me feel inadequate… they look super delicious. yum!

  6. Only you can liken making ice cream cookies to stripn’!!!! You know what I’ve had cake and icecream, with the cake being heated, but I’ve never had cookies and icecream, it looks soooo good!
    Ok now back to me: my blog guy answered my questions and one of them was yours, i.e. why are peeps not seeing my posts show in their Reader and why when they send me a message, they dont see my response…and I’m going to CopynPaste his response, I hope it makes sense:
    1) Posts made on wont show up on Blog Reader as its not the same system.
    2) People can use their accounts to post a comment (with their username and link back to their own blogs) on your new website, but as yours is not a blog, isnt looking at your site and tracking the comments on your posts, so can’t show the commenter any notification on their Blog Reader. However when someone goes to post a comment there are two checkboxes to:

    1. Be notified by email when someone replies to their comment
    2. Subscribe to new posts on your blog by email.

    In this way a reader can be notified about replies to their comments.

    So theere you go, I’ve missed our back n forth comments, so I hope this will fix that ( :

    1. Ice cream and cookies are the SHIIIIIIT!

      Thanks for the feedback, interesting stuff but makes sense.
      I would also recommend updating your Gravatar to call out your new blog. It still links to your old one.

      As for the comments things- there is no option to click that will notify me of replies to MY comment….only one to be notified of replies to the post in general. At least that is my understanding of this type of comment notification from other blogs who have gone the route you have.
      And I don’t want that.

      I already know how freakin awsome you are! I don’t want to get an email about it every time someone else draws that conclusion too, heehee – so i will not be subscribing for comment follow up.
      Don’t take it personal babe if I don’t see your reply to my comment until it’s too, ok?

      ❤ ❤ ❤ you!!

  7. YAY PUNS!!!

    You are a bold, bold woman for daring to make ice cream sandwiches in the height of summer, but hopefully it isn’t as hot up in Beantown as it is down here. (NOT THAT I’M COMPLAINING.) But those cookies look scrumptious and totally worth the risk!

    1. Tell me about it… I slurped up more ice cream than I ate it was so goddamn hot and muggy (#NotComplaining) but I didn’t feel tooo bad about it.

      It’s not like I made the cookies or the ice cream. If I’d done that and then shit melted all over the goddamn place I would have been PIIIIIIIIIISSED!!

    1. Hell no girl!
      I couldn’t if I wanted to.
      I would shoot and pass them over to my friends when they started to melt.
      We kept doing this sort of trade in- trade out swap thing until they were all gone 😀

  8. Yay! I’m so over joyed you liked my picture as, I doubt you remember, I had another account and lost all my previous followed blogs, and I was following yours! But anyway…. these look AMAZE-BALLZZ! 😍

    1. Thank you kindly because there’s the critical moment right between somewhat solid and a thick cream where it’s still ‘edible’ and I was fighting hard to stay in the sweet spot, hahah!!

  9. I crumpled in a giggly heap at the “falling in love with a stripper” analogy, so apt!

    Ah, the icecream sandwiches look so yummy, I was so tempted to lick my computer screen. Alas, a screen is a screen is a screen. Lol

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