Tuesday we went to the Boston Magazine Best Fest which celebrated the 50 restaurants rated the best in and around Boston for 2016.

Every single one of these restaurants was stationed and serving up the best their restaurant had to offer and it was fucking nuts.


We were hooked up with VIP passes which meant access to all kinds of shit and several very lovely open bars.

One of those outdoor affairs with tons of fake grass everywhere, big white cabanas staged all over the place just begging folks to lay on top and look cute which we diddd.

A huge stage with a great band hooking up the background music, photographers running around trying to be discrete … lawn games, the sun setting in the background – the absolute fucking works.

I’d juuust worn this dress a few days earlier, literally less than a week ago, and I repeated it for the event.
These are pics from the first time around.



Wearing Asos dress and velvet lace up shoes (this and this).
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72 thoughts on “Guest

  1. I cannot get over your dress! I’m not a fan of pink usually, but this specific tone is so nice and the cut is super simple and feminine and flattering…heart eyes!

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful birthday with this Foodie Fest👍🏾 Just wondering do those off shoulder sleeves push up when you raise your arms …… just wondering ???? That’s what happens with me and then I’m busy pushing them back down again 😝😩

  3. Looking smoking hawt in that dress! Love the colour on you and those lace up shoes!
    Boston Magazine Best Fest sounds like fun, I bet the food was beyond amazing 🙂

    xo, jackie

  4. One of my fav looks from you yet, you look so demure and sweet…who would guess what lies beneath right??!! and the colours of the location walls, I love that distressed look they’re giving me…and your shoulders look- as they say up North in Uk- well toned mate.
    As for the event, live music, food, drinks….sounds like some kind of wonderful ( :

  5. These shots are PER-FUK’N-FECTION! Gone with the wind fabulous lol No seriously the wind is hitting the dress and hair perfectly to accent the look! Love it!

    Also, Boston Fest was a BLAST!

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