Roasted Peaches and Drizzled Agave

I don’t know what this fucking Pokemon go thing is.

I finally asked somebody at work about it and apparently it’s this game that uses your phone’s GPS to place these Pokemon looking characters all around you in this sort of virtual reality and you can customize it and level up while you’re trying to catch the fucking thing and literally – as I’m typing this shit, it still makes absolutely zero sense to me.

I ate my lunch outside the other day and these two guys run up to this dumpster on like a Wednesday afternoon and I just sat there going, don’t you have to go to work or something?

Shouldn’t you be somewhere right now?


It’s like this thing I was reading about on roller coasters.
Some of the new roller coasters now have people put on these virtual reality glasses when they get on the roller coaster and it’s just like….

I mean is it not enough to be on the roller coaster?? Is that not horrific enough for you?

You put the glasses on and then you go up the hill and as you go over the top and you have that big drop, it’s supposed to be like you’re falling off the top of a building.

Except you’re kind of already doing that in real life, right? Why don’t you take the fucking things off and just enjoy it?












Roasted Peaches and Drizzled Agave

What I Used

6-8 med sized Peaches. 1/4 cup Blue Agave (sub: honey). 1 cup of yoghurt (optional).

What I Did

Yo so before you trash me – I know these photos don’t look really appetizing but you gotta trust me on this, alright?
I’ve yet to steer you wrong so just trust me on this one.

This is for when you have a sweet tooth but you know better than to reach for that cupcake.


Pre-heat your oven to 400F.

Halve the peaches and remove the seed.
IVC_8519 IVC_8516
Don’t worry about it if you can’t remove the seed before they go in the oven, it can be removed later.


Place the halved peaches in a foiled lined baking tray and place in the middle of your oven to roast for 45 mins.
When they can be easily punctured with a fork, remove from oven and set aside to cool for a little bit.


Serve cool or warm, with agave or honey drizzled on top and a dollop of yoghurt on the side (not pictured).

64 thoughts on “Roasted Peaches and Drizzled Agave

  1. Yeah, I don’t get that Pokemon thing either. It was just released in Canada and people are going crazy for it because it gets the kids outside and being “active”. But these kids are walking into traffic and putting their safety at risk…stupid. Lol
    I’m going to be trying those peaches because they look damn good😋😋 and probably way healthier than gourmet doughnuts😬

    Xo, Jackie

    1. Ugh. This whole, “now my kid is active and going outside” shit makes me sick. BE A PARENT.

      And yes babe, these would be great for like an after diner dessert with low-fat whipped cream and/or nuts on top!

  2. Isn’t it ridiculous! I’ve heard some people have gotten injured while playing ’cause they’re not paying attention to where they’re going….all I can say is ‘crazy’!! Those roasted peaches look so tempting! 🙂

  3. DOLL, i made a version of these last week so don’t worry if the photos are to your liking or not, it’s F****ing amaaaaaazing, especially with some mascarpone whipped cream and a touch of fresh thyme ! yummmmmmmmmmy … POKE-whaaaaaaat !? LOL 🙂

  4. Smh on that Pokemon stuff. There’s stories of people getting sexually assaulted; just all kinds of foolishness over a damn game. It’s funny because I was playing Pokemon from Gameboy Color on my computer a couple years ago and people thought I was tripping. But you know what? I wasn’t running near trashcans, I wasn’t out in traffic, I wasn’t getting into accidents, and I wasn’t getting molested. I was catching them all from the safety of my bedroom lol.

  5. But… I always reach for the cupcake. I would probably reach for these too, though. And balance one nicely on top of a cupcake.

    Seriously though, that roller coaster thing sounds like a panic attack wrapped up in a side of shitting yourself. Jeebus.

      1. OMG! Worse if the projectile vomit is coming from THE PERSON BEHIND YOU on the roller coaster! EEEK I think I’ve found hell right there, and what d’ya know they’re charging for tickets 😖

  6. Nice work peaches.

    I’m not playing Pokemon Go I think anything that’s getting people out of the house is a good thing. People will lose interest soon enough.

    There’s this running app called ZOMBIES RUN that I’ve been meaning to try. I hate exercise, but I like zombie stories and this running app puts you right in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Most of the time, you’re just jogging/running to your own music but every now and then you’ll hear zombies coming and you’ve gotta up your pace to outrun zombies. Haven’t tried it out but it sounds cool.

    1. That would probably finish me off – I would end up a cowering wreck curled up on the floor, but then I virtually jump out of my skin at any sudden noise. Just watching the Walking Dead is stressful enough for me. 🙂

  7. People keep telling me to download that shit but I’m like fuck that lol don’t give in Dana, EVER!

  8. These look great – can I have them and then a cupcake please ??? I still don’t understand what the Pokemon thing is – why would you want to catch imaginary things? Don’t people have enough to do?
    I am really craving peaches right now ….. gonna plant a peach tree in my polytunnel …. hee hee

    1. My point exactly. Like don’t they have jobs to get to? Pokemon isn’t a vacation in reality.
      And now I’m really envious of you. City dwellers…we have no room to plant anything!

  9. Dana the people in this world are getting dumber and dumber…. it’s scaring the hell out of me. However, this recipe is gonna make me get over my fear of peaches and I’m gonna try this!!

  10. Ummm, this would go great with my oatmeal (currently eating). I don’t know why I punish myself by reading your blog while I’m eating. Haha. Anyway, I don’t get it either. #Pokeman Maybe I would understand if I was 7 years old, but I’m grown and I have bills to pay. Haha. Have a great weekend hon! Xx

  11. Hawney, I’ve deliberately stayed out of the whole Pokemon thing, I mean for me its one of the benefits of being in my 30s, I dont need to get involved in antics like that. Even saying the word Pokemon gets my spider senses tingling!
    Ooooh that desert looks yummy, someone pass me a fork! ( :

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