I’m such an asshole. I completely went MIA on you with no fucking notice and that’s my bad.

I just turned 30 and have been in Cartagena, Colombia processing what that feels like while eating really tasty food and spending a lot of time on a boat or a bike.


I have a ton of pictures to share but in the meantime I’ll be catching up on you guys blog, seeing what you’ve been up to and what all I missed while I was away.

70 thoughts on “Unaccountable

  1. Happiest of birthdays to you! Entering your 30s is awesome, and I’m about to contemplate actually being mid-30s later this year, likely in New York for a short trip but also eating lots of delicious food.

      1. I remember that, too. Now I will be 40 (gulp) in January. So I should be about ready to trade in my car for a convertible, start hanging out in Vegas all the time, and dump my wife for a 22-year-old model from Serbia.

        Or not. That stuff seems so awful and sad. But I’m not thrilled about turning 40 soon, either. The 30s are genuinely great, though. You will love them.

      2. Either Serbia or the Czech.
        If you really wanna soak in the moment, go all the way to Kazakstan.

        On a side note: Why do we keep passing the perfect age?
        Like I’m good right here. STOPPPP AGING!!!
        I totally get it now why people are trying to be immortal. Having Eyes Wide Shut parties, the whole fucking nine, I fucking get it.

  2. Happy belated birthday babe😘 Enjoy your time in Colombia!! The best birthday are the ones where you forget about time and lose yourself in the moment. Enjoy! And welcome to club 30’s! By the way we’re both Leo’s ( only now I’m on my way out of my 30’s 🙈🙈 )

    xo, Jackie

  3. Omg, my coworker and I were just talking about going to Cartagena on Friday! I was wondering too why you ain’t put anything out for a little bit. Trippy how that all tied into itself. I hope you’re enjoying yourself out there! Probably walking around everywhere with bikinis lol. And Happy Bday! You don’t look a day over 21!

    1. Hahahaha!! Pretty much. Plowing through the bikinis but in my defense – it’s hotter than a muhhfukka down there!!
      If you guys do end up going, let me know. There’s all kinds of things you can get into in Cartagena!

  4. I knew where you were… 😉 I’ve been watching you….

    Happy Happy Birthday Dana!

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go over here to a corner and feel old….lol! 😀

  5. 🎶Happy birthday, to youuuuuu,🎶
    🎼Happy birthday, to youuuuuu.🎶
    🎶Happy birthday, dear Dana, 🎶
    🎼Happy birthday to youooooooo!🎶

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