My Tiny Atlas

Here’s a quick recap of my time in Cartagena, Colombia, celebrating what turning 30 feels like.

New islands 8-2

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Daily temperatures are roughly between 95F – 100F everyday with about 75-80% R/H which meant we frequently kept close to bodies of water in the afternoons and ventured out in the evenings when the temps dropped.


In the morning, if we woke up earlier enough for it, we’d ride our bikes to the local street vendors for breakfast then load up on freshly cooked empanadas and arepas before heading back to the house.

The empanadas were good but there was onnneee woman who just made the absolute best.

Other vendors would often try and get us to buy their food and sometimes we would – but we’d always hold out for The Lady with the Empanadas.


The days we woke up late we’d cook breakfast at home, occasionally one of us riding our bike down to the mercado to re-stock the kitchen with fresh fruits and veggies.

And champagne – who the fuck am I kidding.
LOTSSS of champagne.

Breakfast was the only meal we ever made.


The days we spent on a boats, beaches or in pools, we ate fried green plantains, octopus and an array of freshly caught lobsters, squid and shrimp, normally served with sweet coconut rice.

You know those vacations you go on and you feel like all you did was eat?
Get back home feeling bloated as fuck and like you need to hit the gym for 3 weeks straight because you’ve been such an asshole to your stomach, you know those vacations?

Colombia – you ate when you were hungry and you stopped when you weren’t.
It was that simple.


Evenings in Cartagena are made for wadering around.

The homes and buildings are incredibly charming, the food is daily caught and freshly prepared and the population contentedly youthful.

Short cab rides around bring you to the Brooklyn-ish neighborhood of Cartagena, Getsemani.
Except it was much more real than Brooklyn.


These really cool old men playing Domino’s on street corners invited me to come play with them even though I’ve never played Dominos before. They urged me on anyway, agreeing to teach me and I conceded.

When my teammate and I started winning, a nice little crowd formed.

In Getsemani, salsa music spills out of restaurants and clubs, young boys rap and beat-box for a couple dollars, art galleries full of local creations with unbelievable murals invite you in (no pictures please) and young boys stroking guitars gently seranade girls.

Speaking spanish is imperative for navigating Cartagena.


I have a special love for Colombia annnnd several more pictures and videos from my time there but I may just post them on my Instagram so I can get back to the business of this here blog ❤


Get out and travel, folks. Get in some water.http://ivegotcake.comhttp://ivegotcake.comhttp://ivegotcake.comhttp://ivegotcake.comhttp://ivegotcake.com Attach15123_20160803_203042
old men love me

Attach15129_20160803_203400 IMG_6340 (1) (1)

ctg mee-2dana_fashina_bikini_body

Wearing Charlie by MZ bikinis, Fashion Nova white off-shoulder two-piece, H&M floral dress, Adidas slippers and boutique body chain jewelry.

61 thoughts on “My Tiny Atlas

  1. Looks like it was a wonderful vacation! I’m always wishing I lived closer to the ocean so I could have fresh seafood every day, it’s just the best! Love your beach hat and cute white outfit 🙂

    1. It really is under-appreciated, living on the coast. I live on the coast now in Boston and there’s really nothing better,.

      Ok maybe if it were a little warmer in the winter, heehee! 😀

      Also – did you change the title of your blog? Or maybe your gravatar?

      1. Yes, I changed the name of my blog/blogging focus. It’s been a long time coming! My “what I write about” post explains a bit but isn’t fully finished/edited, so if you read it try not to be super judgmental 😂

      2. That’s what’s up! No judgement here. I just peeped your name change on your gravatar when i was replying to your comment earlier and was like, “wait a min – that wasn’t what it used to me”

  2. Ooooh Colombia looks like it was hella fun! And I really cant tell you stuffed yourself as your body is looking tight as fuck, and that body chain, guuurl! Its funny you are doing things I dont like, i.e swimming, erm I cant swim, erm long story, as a child I was allergic to chlorine then developed a deep water phobia tsigh, but you make it look great, told ya I love the mermaid pics of you.
    And even those crabs look yum, and I dont do anything fishy/sea animaly (not a word, I know, haha) Glad you had so much fun, you deserve it, welcome to my decade! (:

    1. That’s what I’m tryna saayyyyyy!!! You don’t eat like you trying to fatten up. You just eat….normally.
      I lost 6lbs from this trip. You believe that shit?

      GIRL!! You don’t do nothing aquatic?? Including its food?? Damn boo 😦

  3. What a way to enter into your 30s. (I’m now determined to do something similar when I enter my 40s.) I’m so so glad you had a fabulous time and just took it easy and went with the current of the local scene, because often that’s the key to having a really relaxed time. Now, back to blogging! (I say that to myself too after too many weekends of traveling and other activities).

    1. Good for you!!
      Yeah I’ve been following your travels on good ol Instajizzle and you guys are doing the damn thing.

      What made Colombia even better was that one of my friends is Dominican and no latino can hustle harder than a Dominicano.
      We were INGRAINED in that city :p

  4. You look absolutely fantastic love. And it looked so fun even from the pictures. Happy belated birthday to you! 🎉

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