I wore this dress to one of my birthday dinners and have been finding all sorts of ways to wear it ever since.
You can tell from the texture it’s really lightweight and being satin makes it even more airy, both exactly what I need in this stiff August heat.


Shoutout to my best friend for getting me these sunglasses at a street market.

He bought a pair for my birthday which another one of my friends inadvertently sat on and broke that same night, I was absolutely traumatized.

So out of pity, my best friend bought me three more, all different colors, each blocking out more sun than any other pair of sunglasses I’ve ever worn.
http://ivegotcake.com boston_street_style dana_fashinajusbstillhttp://ivegotcake.com

Wearing an Asos dress (sold out- this), Nasty Gal platforms (sold out – these), shades by Scott.
http://ivegotcake.comhttp://ivegotcake.com boston_fashion_bloggers

37 thoughts on “Highlighter

  1. the entire fits you really good. I can’t wear flashy colour like these, but you absolutely can. But my favourite piece of your entire outfit are the platform. I really like the combination of the white and the blue.

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