Pilot Episode

It was nice and warm the other day, just the way I like it.


Yeah so I realized I’ve only worn a tube top only once so far this summer …. present tense…..and it’s like, ‘well what the fuck have I been wearing all this time??’

So I found this one lonely tube top in my drawer and felt bad enough about it to wear it the other day; tube top, a tube skirt, mules and a hat.


On a different note, it’s too bad these faux fur mules didn’t show up well in these pics because they really are SO fucking adorable.
But on the other hand I’ve been wearing them all day everyday so you’ll see them again.
boston_street_bloggers dana_ivegotcakehttp://ivegotcake.comstreet_style_fashion_bloggersjusbstill
Wearing Babes & Felines skirt and hat (both old), Forever 21 top (old) and Zara shoes (these).
http://ivegotcake.com http://ivegotcake.com brown_girl_bloggers_boston

71 thoughts on “Pilot Episode

  1. I haven’t worn a tube top ONCE? Thank goodness you called this out because I was about to end this summer without any shoulder-baring shirts in my memory bank.

    I guess I know what I’m wearing this weekend 😉

    Hottie hotness as always boo ❤

  2. Yes babe! You are looking fierce and hawt in that tube top! #bodygoals
    And those are some fierce mules. I saw them online and contemplated picking up a pair but then I thought with the fall weather here I won’t get a chance to really wear them. Now you’re making me re-think it. lol!

    xo, jackie

  3. Love that tropical pink tube skirt! As for boob tubes, I don’t think I’ve worn one for about a decade. Why? Coz I hate the way you have to constantly yank it up to make sure it sits right grrrr. Have a good week ahead babes and big thanks for the message you left on my post, I hope you get some kind of alert when I reply. ( :

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