Thirsty Bird

The last time I wore a bodysuit, I was complaining about the panty lines so you told me to get the thong ones and I diiiiiid.…but I also really love the cut of this suit.

It’s like 3 years old and granted I still have to get pretty much naked to pee BUT it has this super soft feel that makes me feel sexy so….here we go with the panty lines again.


On another note these velvet tie-up shoes are quickly becoming one of my favorites pairs of everyday footwear.

I love that they’re lace up and I’m tickled pink over their velvet texture, yet it’s also ever-present in my head that winter is coming and I won’t get to wear them much longer, so expect to see a lot of these babies between now and then.
boston_fashion_bloggers boston_street_stylehttp://ivegotcake.comBiker_shorts_style
Wearing an old body suit and even older legging shorts, shoes by Asos (unable to find them anymore).
ways_to_wear_legging_shorts dana_fashina_style how_to_style_biker_shorts

45 thoughts on “Thirsty Bird

    1. God, remember when we were kids wearing onesie with footie pajamas?
      I mean even THOSE had snap crotches, right!!?!

      And lowkey, I really want one of those again. Imagine it snowing outside with one of those on and watching Game of Thrones with a Hot Toddy, ooooOoooOooooo!!!!

  1. I love the look! Those shoes were a great find. I think with the velvet along with the ivy in the background starting to change colors, there’s a hint of Fall in your photos. Well done!

  2. Glad the thong worked out because you were built for body suits. Just never wear anything else girl. Seriously.

    I am oh so ready to jump on the velvet bandwagon. I wish I still had all of my old velvet shit my mom used to make me wear when I was a kid…though it wouldn’t fit anymore hahaha

    Happy Friday boo ❤

  3. Hello beautiful! Killing it in another jumpsuit babe! Panty lines don’t matter when you look this good, but for real I don’t see them. And can we just take a moment for and drool over your velvet lace ups?! Love them! Have a great weekend!

    xo, Jackie

  4. Love Love Love !!! I have told you before, you can wear anything ! Hahaha, the ‘old’ always has a way of coming back one way or other.
    I have owned a thong bodysuit, it is time to get another one !!!
    Have a good one. 🙂

  5. I love it when you surprise me, would never have envisioned you in ultra velvet lace ups like these- well you’re very on trend dhhharling as velvet is like so innnn. Erm, they look like high maintenance though, i.e. they don’t look like they’d get on well with the elements- water, dust etc… ( : Ps bodysuit may be old but its still poppn innit ( ;

    1. Yeah velvet and water is no bueno.

      But I guess on the other hand they dry quickly enough and water doesn’t stain so I guess it’s not that bad.
      And dust? I mean these things are the color of dust lol so no problems there heehee!!

      I’m velvet is in too! What else is trending?
      Can you do a write up on all A/W 2016 trends?

      1. That’s a great idea hon, I’ve been thinking of ways to do this creatively and going to start a collabo with fashion bloggers where we address the trends but I might also do a separate article on this in my Ask Biki section. Staaay Tuuuuned! X

  6. I love bodysuit but I have to admit that I only have two and both are longer on the pants but these pieces are definitely suuuuuper comfy, this one you are wearing look great and I would like to know if is also compfy?

    Also your shoes are amazing <3.

    1. Oh it’s suuuuuper comfortable. The I cotton is modal, I think? One of the softest cottons I’ve felt in a long time, i love it!

      And thank you yes, I’m happy velvet is on trend again, heehee!!
      ❤ ❤

  7. I love a good bodysuit too – it all started during that dark period of time when tops were either not quite long enough to tuck in or stay put around your waist, or too damn long for anything.

    Obviously the ones with a fastening around the undercarriage are the ideal, but the ones requiring full-nudity-for-peeing are still better than the third type: the ones with the fastening that chafes against your upper thigh. Like, your REALLY upper thigh. I had one of these, wore it, wore away the skin, had an awkward conversation with my nurse during a smear test. Yeah.

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