Toast Can Never Be Bread Again

Summer’s over and I’m sick.


Sorry for the late post, I spent the greater part of this week home sick, battling a ridiculous case of allergies. I guess it’s ragweed season or some miserable shit like that.

I texted my boss  on Tuesday like, “I’m working from home today” and he replied back in all caps, THANK YOU.
He put two exclamation points at the end of it.

I replied back with a gif of a verrrrry dramatic ghetto hair flip.
jusbstill boston_brown_girl_bloggers
These are some pics from the archives, when summer was just starting and I was could breathe through my nose.
I don’t remember what I was wearing except that these H&M pants are everythinggggg.

49 thoughts on “Toast Can Never Be Bread Again

  1. Totally wrote an awesome response to this aaaaaand accidentally swiped to hard and it deleted 😭

    So here is the condensed version

    Cute outfit — I have been sick all week too – hope you are feeling better

    And I can’t wait to send my boss a ghetto hair flip emoji — she would crack up . Happy Friday

  2. You began your post with “SORRY for the late post” …. I was going to post a recipe today but changed my mind, didn’t really feel like putting in that extra 30 minutes to plug it all in & post it so i didn’t cuz it’s a gorgeous day and i felt like doing other stuff & tested some last-minute stuff … i’ll post the initially-planned-for-today-post next week and maybe post something newer tomorrow or sunday … am I sorry about that ?! NOPE … what I AM SORRY about is that you DANA-DARLING are feeling under-the-weather and I’m sorry i don’t live nearby to whip you up something like a nice chicken noodle soup and drop it over. Take a break, post when u feel like it and tell your followers to bring you over some DAAAAMN good soup !!! … and yeah, u look fab ! 🙂

    1. Awww Gerogie!!
      You make my little heart smile ❤

      It's a terribly unpleasant and fucked up thing, being sick like this. It's never happened this bad before, ever in my life so I was freaking out for a little while there.
      I'm sliding back up the recovery sine wave though, fortunately but my voice still sounds hoarse, as if I've been shouting at a winning horse all week which i assure you, I HAVE NOT BEEN.

      I did make some good ass soup though, even managed to shoot it. I guess that'll go live on monday.
      Or whenever I feel like it…. heehee!!

  3. I hope you’re feeling better! I too am so bummed that summer is over, and today the weather is such that it’s big old grey middle finger in my face that the carefree days of warmth and sun have come to an end for another year. Those pants look SO COMFY and the ensemble is fabulous, per usual.

  4. Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. I have allergies so I know how unbelievably annoying they can be. Especially at the start of spring and then the end of fall. So not fair.
    But can we talk about these pants?! They are giving me life! I love them! Adding this to my list of items from your closet that I’m going to swap:)
    Feel better soon boo!

    xo, Jackie

  5. Two words: chicken soup.
    I love H&M, just picked up a great boyfriend blue & white pinstripe shirt in Seville (yup, that’s Spain!) that I wear with white leggings. Can’t wait to get home to belt it.
    Hope you feel better soon. XO

  6. Do those pants make you dance more than usual? Whenever I wear loud clothing I dance a lot more openly than usual. Are you with me here?

    In other news my nose is also a complete twatflap douchenozzle. I don’t think mine is allergies related though, it’s just defective. Noses need to get their shit together. We don’t have time for this.

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