We Have Manners. We’re Polite.

Now listen.
Don’t go giving me shit for wearing white after Labor Day, alright?

It’s a dumb rule and you fucking know it.


I woke up the other day and put this on to have brunch with a beautiful human who I haven’t seen in forever.
We spent hours together, telling stories, fascinating each other.

Afterwards I met up with more friends to taste some local beer and play board games outside.
dana_fashina dana_fashina_style jusbstill_blog @jusbstill

Still showing off this dope wood watch because yes, they’re still doing the Giveaway thing.

You get a $20 e-giftcard just for entering so even if you don’t win you’ve already got $20 in the bag towards a unique Christmas gift. And what’s wrong with that?

It ends this Sunday, Sept 30th.
http://ivegotcake.com jord_watches_dana_fashina
Wearing Zara pants (old), an old choker, possibly a thrifted sweater and a Jord wood watch (this one).
*This post was sponsored by Jord Wood Watches but as usual, all shit talking is mine. ❤

79 thoughts on “We Have Manners. We’re Polite.

  1. Always wearing white after day that still can’t be a thing, that would cut out 50% of my wardrobe. Haha love the watch love the photos your look fab and per usual I want your bod. 😐

  2. I think that rule is just in the USA. I never heard that here, in Europe (plus for most countries here Labour Day is 1st of May). I totally agree with it being a dumb rule. Plus you look awesome in that white outfit. You should wear it as often as you want!

  3. Seriously–if it’s above 80 and I want to wear white, you better believe I’m wearing white. (Granted, it’s actually kind of seasonal here with it being in the 70s I’m already yearning for hotter days!)

    Psst–Friday is the 30th, Sunday is 10/2.

    1. Ooooops!!
      Hahaha! Deadline is the today guys!!!!!

      Thanks girl lol
      Where’s an intern when you need one? Everyone knows I can’t do this shit :p

      But now you got me thinking, what other dumb fashion rules are out there?
      Don’t mix black and brown? Is that one?
      Or how about don’t mix gold and silver? That’s one right?

  4. Dana, you looking stunning in all white! And screw no white after labor day, rules were meant to be broken! lol Especially when you look that good 🙂

    xo, Jackie

  5. I love this outfit. I have pants like that for the office but I’m afraid they’re too sexy. I really like the white on white look. I may actually bust out the pants. You look fab. Also love the props u gave to a beautiful human. That’s really all there is when you meet up with someone you respect and pass the time together.

    1. OooOOoo!! I hope you do break out the pants!!
      If they cup your ass juuuust right then why waste them on the office anyway? Take that ass-hugging fit out to dinner or to lunch. Or shopping. Anywhere but work.

      I can tell you know exactly what is feels like to be around a beautiful human, too. When you do eventually part, the feeling you leave with….there’s no better feeling.
      You feel light and clean and open and healed and happy….just all that shit rolled up in your heart. That energy is like a glow.

  6. Who made up this no wearing-white rule? I’d never heard of it before Gilmore Girls, but then I’m not American so maybe that makes sense. Are you still allowed to wear red and blue? And surely wearing white at Christmas is just angelic? This is such a weird and arbitrary rule. Glad to see you sticking it to the man. x

  7. Those white trousers do great things to your assssssss! Loving this all-white combo, it looks easy but its actually a difficult look to pull of from head to toe- first of all, its a look with a weight limit, you gotsa be fit to wear it, coz it shows every ounce or roll…having said all that of course peeps can wear what they want, body confidence, world peace bla bla bla ( ;

      1. The week flew by, the month flew by, the year flew by! Where does the time go? (I should be a song writer lol) Have a great Friday! 💕

  8. Lol at your disclaimer at the end. It’s a dope watch and I love your all white look!
    I’ve never understood the American thing of no white after labour day??
    Wear white when you damn well want to!

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