Looks Blue Taste Red

Look at me all matchy matchy.


Getting back into the swings of things with pleated midis and low heeled shoes.
dana_fashina_fall_style monotone_fall_style pleated_skirt_style

Wearing an old sweater, Asos midi skirt (out of stock) and Zara velvet shoes (sold out). Glasses from an outdoor market.


58 thoughts on “Looks Blue Taste Red

  1. I love the pleated midi skirt look. The only thing is, those skirts with pleats, they really catch the wind. I learnt this while being forced to wear a kilt all through high school. You lift an arm to move a hair from your face and WOOOOSH! Your skirt is up there with you, around your ears, showing your knickers to the entire cafeteria. And kilts are heavier than this. This will have the ghost of Marilyn Monroe haunting your arse with every step. Worth it though, because: pretty.

  2. Beautiful from head to toe girl! You are rocking this midi skirt like nobody’s business! And of course your wearing those heels that I love. By the way, I love your new layout.

    xo, Jackie

  3. I like how the blustery winds didn’t kill your vibe- guurl, I’m all about midi ANYYYYTHING, pleats and all! I see you managed to keep your velvet shoes in pristine condition, I’m impressed. If they were mine, by now clumsy me would have stains all over’em. Have a good wkend hon. Ps those fuckers took my image down from their site. X

  4. Cute outfit. I noticed that European designers were putting pointy toes with thick, chunky high heels, not sure about it but I like the low ones, particularly with that skirt.

  5. … LOW-HEELED SHOES ?! (not so much) You’e the best Dana-girl ! You wanna know how i know that i like a blog ? i don’t wait for a newsletter, i just go to see what’s going on … keep up the good work, your blog makes me happy ! xo

  6. I’m a fan of this look! Blue is a really nice colour on you.
    However, the wind has threated to expose on numerous occasions when I’m wearing such skirts.
    Is my name Marilyn though?

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