Miso Soup

I can’t believe I forgot to ask you how your Halloween was! I’m super late I know.
How was it?

Did you get a lot of kids at your door?


Let me ask you, what’s your cut off?

Like what’s the cut off where you just wanna be like dude…..you’re too fucking old.


My cut off is somewhere around twelve. Even around ten.
When they start saying little wise ass, cunty things. Like they run shit.

That’s the hardest thing about being an adult around a kid it’s just like dude, I was your fucking age.


I’ve been ten, I’ve been twelve, alright?
Then I’ve been eighteen and I’ve been twenty five; do you think I don’t know what you’re fucking doing?
Do you think you’re playing with my mind mannnn?

You’re not.



Everybody’s gotta have that, you know?

Like that adult…remember when you were a kid and there was that one adult where when your parents weren’t looking, he just looked at you and just told you to shut the fuck up, remember that person?

It probably doesn’t happen these days because everyone’s got a smart phone and everybody’s got a video camera and the kid blogs about it and next thing you know you’re getting arrested for I don’t know what.


I grew up at the end of the 80s and back then that’s the kind of shit you could do.


I remember this one time we were in church and my brother and I were talking and this dude in front of us turned around and he goes,
“Hey!!! Will you shut up!!?!?
And I remember looking at my mom and she sort of put her eyebrows up like, well yeah… shut the fuck up.


Now it’s emotional abuse, verbal abuse or whatever but really it’s like no, more often than not – your kid needs to shut the fuck up.
So like I was saying, what age is your cut off?


What hour is it?

Because there’s that fucking hour when they just stop being cute and they get fucking annoying and then it just goes over the hill and suddenly all the charm is gone.

They’re coming up to your house and they got that shit eating grin on their face like demanding candy and you really just wanna say, get the fuck out of here.
You can’t even drive.





For the record, I was one of those smartass kids.
But you probably already knew that.





















Miso Soup

What I Used

¼ cup dried wakame (dried seaweed). 2 tsp dashi granules (get ’em at an asian store). 4 cups water. ½ pound soft tofu (drained & diced). 3 tbsp White Miso.  ¼ cup thinly sliced scallions to garnish (optional).

What I Did

The recipe below makes about 4 servings (appetizer sized). Feel free to double up, god knows I did.





Soooo this is the first time since I started this blog that I’m repeating a recipe and part of me is like eeek!!
But then I’m like, it’s been THREE YEARS – of course I’m fucking repeating a recipe.

how_to_make_miso_soup_at_homeI couldn’t bring myself to copy/paste the in-process picture though.
That would be ….I don’t know…. I feel that would be sort of cheating you out of the reality.

I only cook what I eat.
I DO not make shit just for the pretty aesthetic.

I don’t believe in cooking for the gram, cooking for the insta….none of that shit.
I photograph what I consume, so I think it’s only fair to photograph the most accurate representation of what I consume at the time that it was created.

That’s fair, right?
http://ivegotcake.com boston_food_bloggers miso_soup_recipeI also cooked sugar snap peas that day too.




Miso Soup 

¼ cup dried wakame (dried seaweed). 2 tsp dashi granules (found at any asian grocery store). 4 cups water. ½ pound soft tofu (drained & finely chopped). 3 tbsp White Miso.  ¼ cup thinly sliced scallions to garnish (optional).


1. Hydrate the seaweed in warm water for about 10 mins, then drain, squeezing any excess water out. Set aside.

2. Meanwhile, fill a pot with 4 cups of water and add the dashi granules. Bring to a boil.
3. When the water boiling, reduce heat to medium and in a separate bowl, add the miso paste and 1 cup of the boiling dashi water.
4. Mash with the back of a spoon or a fork until the miso is thoroughly dissolved.
5. Pour the miso mixture back into the pot and add in the chopped tofu and drained wakame.

6. Give things a good stir then reduce heat to a simmer.
7. Simmer, covered, for about 5 mins then remove from heat.

8. Garnish with scallions and serve.
I totally forgot about the scallions. This is the 2nd fucking time I forgot the goddamn scallions.
❤ ❤

41 thoughts on “Miso Soup

  1. First comment! I win!!!

    Yeah, I was going to put “Me soooooooooooo soup!” ‘cos I wrote a post about how vain this soup is. But it’s super tasty as well, though! My advice, don’t add a dollop of ketchup to “liven” it up. It fails badly.

  2. Got zero kids this year, but that’s because there aren’t many kids in my building. Next year if the weather’s nice I’ll get some candy and hand it out on our stoop, glass of wine in hand. 🙂

  3. Since you can’t card trick-or-treaters, I would say my cutoffs are as follows:

    -Any boy whose voice has begun to change or who has the beginnings of stubble
    -Any girl who is wearing a “sexy” costume as opposed to a girly one.
    -Anyone older than Justin Bieber.

    Finally, speaking of the late 80’s, is it completely wrong that whenever I see the word Miso I start thinking of “Me So Horny” by 2 Live Crew? Because I have secretly done this for years and have never told it to anyone until now.

    1. God where do I even begin?

      There are soooooo many ways to go here, especially with that miso -horny line, hahaha!!
      It’s only completely wrong if you break out in dance when that song pops in your head.
      Other than that, you’re right on track with the rest of us and the random ass shit that goes on in our head.

  4. I was out of town for Halloween. But then, it isn’t really celebrated in France the way it is in the USA. Love the simple miso soup; miso is the best. I love love love it.

  5. Looks damn warming & delicious … 🙂 Halloween isn’t a Paris thing .. it almost took off 10 years ago but stopped abruptly … and now they’re all starting to try to relaunch it again (the shops, I mean) we’ll see … i miss it !
    TRICK-OR-TREAT Babe !?

  6. Oh, I love this – story and soup.

    I think I am that adult who tells random strange kids to shut the fuck up – well actually I tell them not to chase the animals – and their parents look at me askance. I mainly do it when I take a whole bunch of kids (like about 20 or more) egg collecting on the farm. I tell them they can only collect one egg each so there will be enough for everyone (and then of course we can collect another one). There is always one kid who grabs two or three. Now I just give them the stare and ask them how many I told them they could collect. Then I make them put the eggs back while they and their parents do the bug-eyed shock look. As I see it my hen coop, my rules.

    On an unrelated note it is surprising how many parents are quite happy to abandon their rather tiny children to me so they can have an hour’s peace without thinking how I will cope with 20-odd kids many under 5 in a farm situation. More of the parents decide to come along now I tell them that we all have a go at holding the electric fences …. ok rant over – sorry, I really did go on and get it out :). I now want to make miso soup as I am sure this will make things better 🙂

    1. Hahahaah!! I love it, Claire, get it out girl, haha!

      There’s always that ONEEEE kid that wants to try you and then the parents act all shocked and annoyed.
      Parents of kids on the plane are the worst at this.

      One of these days I’ll share a story about how my mother used to manage us kids when we had to fly.

  7. Your internal dialogue actually slays me!
    Halloween wasn’t so big here until recent years – It’s still taking some getting used to for me.
    Luckily I like in an apartment so no one comes knocking on my door!
    When I’m at my parents house on the other hand, they do. Thankfully we’ve never had anyone over the age of say 8/9 otherwise I’d look at them sideways for sure!

    Soup looks as good as your [new] layout! Love 🙂

      1. You were asking for it with this one!! 😂 I’ll leave you though… it’s still fresh
        I’ll consider the move though – your weather is better after all.

  8. you had me LOL with this one, I know about kids these days, I’m like reallyyyy? you think you can mess with me? you’re a kid, i’ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt, sold it on ebay.

    On to the soup, miso is one of my favourites, this looks so good, but let’s be honest, I’m probably too lazy to make it and will just end up ordering in.


  9. We had one of ‘those’ adults in our family…my Uncle Scottie…he was one bad ass dude…kicked us in the butt every time we ventured to walk past him…and had no problem telling us to shut the hell up (or worse)…and yet he was absolutely one of my favorite uncles. Sadly he died too young…anyhoo…I’ve done a few revisits myself on my blog…sometimes it just has to be done! Soup looks real yummy – with or without the scallions lol 🙂 🙂

  10. Revisit is necessary sometimes because it is like an upgrade of the old. I do it a lot of times even though it’s not food☺
    I figured maximising is essential when it comes to anything; saves time and money + a chance to share the old stuff with new audience.
    The soup looks good. Well done u.

  11. As one who takes a realist approach on the old blog, ie we also actually eat the stuff I post and I don’t actually use any photography processing. (Mainly because I don’t know how to but I also want my food to actually look like it actually does, well, look like?) I am not dissing pretty photos, I love them as much as the next foodie but we all have our mission in life, and that’s mine, I guess. (Although I do like making them look pretty but just with my camera etc.) Where am I going with this ramble Cake? I love that you are keeping it real and I also love miso soup. I had a sign up saying ‘no trick or treaters, thanks.’ But then, I live in Australia and this street already does bloody Christmas lights. What else do they want? I had to take a stand.

    1. Hahahahaha!!
      You make me so proud! You take that stance, Cheergerm!

      Rant well said, well done.
      I mean, I guess it all boils down to your objective. If it’s to profit then I suppose it serves you to get as many posts out as you possibly can to keep them numbers up.
      But like, ugh, who cares???

  12. Oh Dana, you make laugh ( like out aloud kinda laugh) and I needed it.
    My husband is a big soup fan, I have a feel he’s going to want it! Lol It looks really good.

    Xo, jackie

    1. Girl we all need a big laugh, especially now when our spirits are at an all time low. Ugh.

      On another note, I’d love to see what you cook for your hubby one of these days! Could you sneak in a photo pic in between your style pics? Or maybe post it up on the gram?
      I’m nosy. I wanna see what yall eat!

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