People Persons

These pics are from a few weeks ago when my friends and I rented a house in Ptown for some weekend partying.


I sense another one of these weekends coming up soon. dana_fashina dana_boston_blogger brown_girl_bloggers_boston puma_high_top_sneakers boston_streetstyle http://ivegotcake.comThe jacket is one of the boys, the shoes are from another one of the guys and the clothes I’m wearing are all old news.

33 thoughts on “People Persons

  1. P’Town! Coincidentally I’ve just been thinking of the Cape the past couple of days. Putting together a team of friends to run a relay race from Hull to Provincetown in May. A place to stay on the Cape is something we need to figure out.

  2. Looks like you guys had a fun time! I love doing stuff like that, creating memories that last a lifetime. By the way your bod is tight girl! #bodygoal

    xo, Jackie

  3. You guys must have had such a cool time. I’d love to do something like this with my friends, well actually only if 3 or 4 people were coming who I wouldnt know and by people I mean men, and by men, I mean someone I can play footsie with under the rug and by that I mean… Have a lovely Sat hon ( :

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