16 thoughts on “The last of that

      1. Hmmmm, you know what, I don’t know. Here in Berlin I don’t really have Foody friends (which is why I was originally drawn big time to your blog)- I mean we mean we go out for dinner/lunch and shit but we go for Thai, Viet etc all year round so…( :

      2. Well maybe….you should be the one to break the thai-viet-basic (sorry :D) food streak! Ha? What do you think?
        Invite them to dinner and you pick the place.
        Except this time you pick a place that creates really good food and makes it look really pretty….huhhhhh?

      3. HeeeeYYYY! I am normally the one telling my mates that we should go to ‘basic’ (!!)Thai/Viet food ( ; Having said that I have my eyes on a Greek restaurant near me (another cuisine I love) ( : Ps and for my bday on Sat we are having lunch in a mashup restaurant place, mashup as in they do American, Italian etc and its super pretty (to me) and yummy.

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