Tall Men with Feelings

I’m pretty in love with this two-piece pant set from Fashion Nova.

I’m still diggin bell bottom pants and although I’m in flats, the baby bells in this set are the perfect length for when I wear heels. I also appreciate that the top can be worn off shoulder with zero distortion to its original shape.


As it gets colder I’ll probably layer this farmers jacket with sweaters or a another coat but I wore it off shoulder here because the weather is still nice enough outside.

off_shoulder_jean_jacket fall_winter_street_style fashion_nova_street_style @jusbstilloversized_jean_jacket_style dana_fashina

Wearing Fashion Nove 2-piece set (this) and a thrifted farmers jacket.


43 thoughts on “Tall Men with Feelings

  1. Dang girl! I love this look on you, the flared bottoms are killer. And it fits you like a glove🔥
    How is not cold there yet? We’re currently having a snowstorm here, ugh

    xo, Jackie

  2. The washed-out graffiti is the perfect backdrop to this look. (Related: the discoloration left behind when a sign is removed from a store is called a labelscar–is the remainder left over from washing away from a graffiti tag a tagscar?)

  3. Erm, are you living in Sunny L of freakn A, how can you wear anything off shoulder at this time of year for even a mini second?! Meeeehn I wont be doing location shoots for a while coz I dont want my nipples to break off like lil’ shrivelled raisins, erm ( ;

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