I Wasn’t Ready

The weather is starting to get really cold soooooo expect to see a lot more indoor posts from me this winter.

Speaking of, anyone else having trouble trying to nail a good spot in your home for indoor shoots?
You’d think it’d be easy since you’re at home, you know? But like, no.



It’s actually tricky as shit trying to coordinate a suitable backdrop without you having to move your apartment furniture around and that gets enough light but not too much light and the light has to be on that wall at a certain time because we all know as the day goes by, light moves from room to room………like really fucking hard.


ANYwayyyy –
I’ve been meaning to catch up on you guys blog for a while now, I feel I’ve been pretty delinquent in that lately and with the year winding down it’s becoming frighteningly easy to slip up on blog duties.

So this weekend I stayed my ass at home and got caught up.

http://ivegotcake.com top_black_girl_bloggers @jusbstillAny tips you guys have for me on indoor shooting would be mucho appreciated.
Dress from Topshop (old), sweater from Forever 21 (this).

54 thoughts on “I Wasn’t Ready

  1. Omg I know the indoor struggle 😩 and it’s twice as hard now bc the days are shorter and it’s crazy dark by 5pm! Lol it’s so frustrating, bc it’s freezing outside and you’d rather take pics indoors, but like said you have to rearrange your things… I just plan a certain spot in my home that I know for sure gets light at certain times & go from there.. the struggle lol

  2. I know the struggle!!! My sister hang a white sheet up on the wall either right in front of a window for natural light or in the basement where we can set up my umbrella lights, it’s a set of three from Amazon!

  3. Fret not, there are often acrobatics trying to get the lighting right and the glare minimized for my photos! But my kitchen windows face east and south and I find they are the perfect location to shoot. However, sometimes I have to pull the blinds down to filter the light but more often than not, I have to install (particularly in winter) a filtered sunlight box that I made; take a pre-made canvas frame (from dollar store) remove canvas and replace with white cotton fabric (either staple or glue with glue gun). Staple four wires (I used dry cleaner hangers) to each corner (about 12 inches each) and turn the other ends into a small loop each. Take one more wire about 5 inches and turn into a circle, hooking the ends into each other. Now attach the looped ends of the 12 inch wires to the circle. You can hang this filter from a clip on lamp. The filter works best from more than 2 feet to 4 feet from the subject.

    1. Oh wow, that’s some process!
      Do you have to take it all down or does it stay fixed?

      I bought a lightbox a couple years ago for my food shoots although I try to use daylight for more of my food shoots.

      I need a setup or crew to hook my apt up like you do yours for my style shoots…now only if I had that….

  4. I hear you about the light now-a-days…I try to get all my shots in before 2 pm and pretty much stay in the kitchen…of course it’s easier for me since I’m blogging only food! You look good in any light Dana!! 🙂

  5. I HATE the lack of light this time of year when it comes to food blogging only. I like the dark otherwise. I know, I’m strange. You however, nailed the shots in this post! BEAUTIFUL light on your beautiful face!

  6. The amount of darkness right now bums me out too, but part of me wants to go F-this, I’ll just go with darker photos because that’s what life is like right now, while the other part of me tries to photograph any leftovers on weekend mornings. Love these photos!

  7. I know its such a task to find that perfect time to click your pictures.! Since i have office on weekdays, i generally work on my blog on saturdays and sundays.! And I hate waking up early on weekends or put makeup on my face. But we gotta do what we gotta do.! *No excuses* 😀 So somehow i manage to drag myself out of the bed, take a shower, get my hair and makeup done and ask my flatmate to click my pictures before the sun is down. 😛
    But we have this white wall in our hallway with proper lighting, so I basically can click pics there as well sometimes. but honestly no amount of artificial lighting can compensate for natural light.!

  8. The most difficult part is moving furniture around honestly, you just want a back drop that is not bust too.
    And speaking of lights, maybe before 2. Here in Ireland is even worse for photos..everywhere is dark after launch 🙂
    looking cute though.
    Love ya.

  9. The struggle is real! Like i was really trying to figure out how to get through the winter for the blog. Thankfully its a lifestyle blog so i figured i was going to do the food, beauty and hair more because why not? I do have a corner apartment so my problem is way too much light and its reflecting on everything in the winter time. However, 3pm EST seems to be the perfect time these days.

    Side note; i love reading your posts. The realness is refreshing. Always nice to know you arent alone in the blog struggles. 😚😊😊

    1. Oh hey girl haaayyy!
      Yes, lifestyle blogs get a pass because there are so many other elements to sink your teeth into.
      I think I might just wear a go-pro on my head and whatever gets caught on film is it

      And than you for the leaving this lovely comment. A lot of the IG love is typically left on IG, thank you for exporting some of it over here ❤

      1. Lol, So i just recently decided to spread the love. Still new to the blogging thing so learning. Lots of times, ill read a post and go back to IG to comment. #fail. Definitely a work in progress

  10. Totally relatable. When I have no other choice than to work with indoors light and limited space, I get to experiment. Most of the time I get awkward takes, but once in a while you get a nice unexpected picture.

  11. Somehow you’ve got sunshine streaming through your windows (you’re in the US?). And your lovely smile–it lights up the day! Here what we usually get during the 8-hour daytime is fog, mist, smog (occasionally from the continent)–very dreary and gray 😦

    1. Awww, really? Is it because of the time of the year? As in do you have a rainy season that prevails a bit too long?
      I am in the US and while my city gets plenty of sunlight, it also gets dark REALLY early this time of the year which suuuuuuucks!

  12. It’s so lovely when you smile with teeth… a rare treat ❤
    As for the indoor photography struggle… don’t even get me started! One day though – I’m optimistic.
    Happy New Year hun! Here’s to more witty posts, fabulous outfits and blog stalking…I mean sh*t talking! lol

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