Take a Break from Your Values

These days at home I’ve taken to wearing comfortable knits like this jumpsuits to lounge around in or for quick errands.

I like the fact that it fits me like a glove but sadly it’s rather thin to be worn out on its own.
Insert oversized quilted duster for added warmth.



No question this coat is one of my all-time favorites.
It’s super duper warm and the length keeps my legs happy when it’s cold and I’m not wearing pants, really just a gem.


These pics are from a couple weeks ago when the weather was more blazay-blah instead of the paralyzing terror it is now.

dana_fashina_pink_glasses boston_streetstyle http://ivegotcake.com @jusbstill boston_streetstyle brown_girl_Fashion_blogs
Coat thrifted from Garment District, knit jumpsuit from Fashion Nova (this) and shoes by BCBG (old).

52 thoughts on “Take a Break from Your Values

  1. Oooo–new font brought into the mix? I like!

    Digging the duster–it looks like a way-chicer version of the dusters I would wear in college that were glorified sweaters and likely not nearly as warm as that one.

  2. Paralyzing terror should definitely be a weather term. “This morning we’re due for some light rain showers before the front of paralyzing terror settles in by evening, followed by some hysterical sobbing from mother nature”. That’s what we need.

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