The Chickening

This is what I wore to catch my flight to Raleigh this morning.


I’m in North Carolina for the rest of the week for regulatory training and I wanted to at least be comfortable traveling here today because this training is going to be intense as FUCK and I have a feeling this is the only time I’ll be comfortable for the rest of the week.


And I intend to keep working outside of my comfort zone.
It’s been pretty awesome actually.

boston_brown_girl_bloggers winter_street_style_lookbook @jusbstill boston_bloggers_street_style

Wearing H&M jeans (old), Nastygal sweater (old), Zara booties (sold out) and thrifted wool coat.

46 thoughts on “The Chickening

  1. Comfort is essential when flying, because the airline sure isn’t going to make us comfortable, so the best we can do is dress for comfort.

    I’ll be flying south right behind you this week. Taking the family on vacation to sunny Florida. Sneak out of your training and come hop on some rides or relax on the beach with us!

      1. hmmmm….WEST palm beach…..?
        I’m just playing.
        My girlfriend lives in West Palm Beach but I can’t even THINK about pleasure right now.
        This business shit is killing ALL my vibe ughh

  2. definitely a casual relaxed look! Don’t blame you for wanting to fly comfortably especially if you fly coach! hope you comp. should you a little love? LOL. One question…what is that round blue thing at the tail of your sweater or is it an optical illusion??

  3. I always dress up when I fly, stupidly hoping to be bumped up to business class. It’s only happened once, on a flight home from DC. It was 45 minutes. Sigh. I won’t hold my breath when we fly down to Arizona next month, that’s a 4.5 hour flight! Cute shoes, isn’t is winter there?

    1. Now THAT’S an interesting strategy!
      Never thought of that before Eva, AND you have a evidence it worked! Not bad babe.
      As for the shoes, so far winter has been very very mild here.
      (Knocking on every single thing that even resembles wood)

  4. Gorgeous, such a fun travel look!! I can bet you are one of the most captivating people to talk to in person — you just radiate an amazing energy! I strive to be on that level lol!! Have a great visit in NC!! XO

  5. Baby girl, have I told you lately how much I’m crushing on your hair? The one (and only) time I permed my hair in that way a la Pretty Woman, it poofed up so much (I had loads of hair then) that if you stood behind me, no one could see you. No one.

  6. Comfort is key when your traveling! And this is travel style perfection! Hope training isn’t kicking the crap out of you. But at least it’s warmer in North Carolina 🙂

    xo, Jackie

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