Hugs Can Be Deceiving

This bright ass yellow ass sweatshirt is one of my favorite pieces this winter.


It’s a Champion sweater that I got from Goodwill I think, three…. maybe four years ago and to be completely honest, I’ve only worn it a handful of times.
Which is soooo odd because I’m all over it this season like I wear it everywhere.


It’s like a mens XXXL which I tucked in for this outfit because I was a going for a more tapered look but wearing it in all of its oversized glory is just as much fun.

I look like pacman when it’s untucked.

boston_streetstyle boston_black_bloggersboston_sterrt_style

Sweater (thrifted). Zara pants (old). Boyfriends fitted hat.

44 thoughts on “Hugs Can Be Deceiving

  1. Oh, I hear you on wanting to wear nothing but super-comfy clothes right now. With American Apparel closing up shop I’ve been going to the location down the street from my place and getting too many pairs of shorts and soft tee shirts because I have to stock up!

  2. I wish you’d done one Pacman meets Big Bird-esque pic, you would have looked sooooo cooooote. I love buying a piece and then years later wearing it non stop, that makes it to the gift to myself that keeps on giving innit. (((( :

    1. Hey Lacey, thank you!!
      I think people see loud colors and immediately are like nope, uh uh, can’t do it, not me….but you probably could pull it off with no problems.

      I used to feel that way about wearing white but one day i was just like fuck it – we’re trying this.
      I think the key is to wear it when you’re going to be out of the house for a while. So you can’t go back and change, you can’t get second thoughts.
      It’ll really force you to embrace it and by mid day you’ll just accept it and carry on with the same confidence as if you were wearing the shit you normally wear.

      Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog, hope you’re having a good week so far!

      1. Well that piece of advice left me feeling pumped up!!! Thanks, I just may have been pushed to try something out of my comfort zone 🙂

    1. Thank you so much!
      Yes I’m a huge fan of Goodwill for shit like this! I have to be careful not to overdo it when i’m here haha!!

      Thank you for stopping by my blog, hope you have a great week!

      1. No, I am a really messy person! Although I do have some nice clothes for university work – they are all grey, or black or some dark colour – can’t see the cake crumbs so easily on them! Someone from the village once saw me in London and looked aghast and said ‘oh so you do have nice clothes and you brush your hair’ – I must look a right state on the smallholding, but I don’t care 🙂

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