Turn Table Turn

No snow no snow no snow no snow no snow!

I really love these pants but since I bought them at the end of summer I’ve only been able to wear them a handful of times and I misssssss them.


They are obviously not winter-appropriate, these pants, but the weather has been so mild these past few days that I had to whip em out real quick.

split_pants_stylehttp://ivegotcake.comhttp://ivegotcake.com street_style_bostonboston_style_bloggers dana_fashina_bloggerboston_black_girl_bloggersWearing Fashion Nova pants (sold out – ugh), Asos sweatshirt and old BCBG mules.

46 thoughts on “Turn Table Turn

  1. Everything about this outfit!!! The color scheme is amazing and those pants not only are super cool (and look super comfy) but they also look gorgeous on you Dana! ❀️

  2. Screw the weather! When you look that good in those pants, it would be crime not to wear them. Just don’t go for long walks right now. lol! But for real, they look amazing on you. Hawt!

    xo, Jackie

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