Sucker Punch

Hey so for Atlanta fans, if you wanna share your, I-thought-we-were-gonna-win-and-then-I-had-to-put-the-wire-back-on-the-champagne-bottle stories, if you wanna get that off your chest so we can all laugh about it….


You know there had to be a LOT of slumped shoulders going to work yesterday.
Day after the Superbowl.

You’re driving to work and your shoulders are so slumped you’re not even using your hands to fucking steer.
You just got your shoulders wrapped around the wheel like a deflated football OH!




I actually wore this on Sunday to watch the game at my friends house because I knew there would be food everywhere and I knew I would need *cough*… room.

Like we literally had a restaurant cater all their best food over to us because everyone was coming over and no one wanted to cook and we all knew if there was ever gonna be a go fat or go home day, it would be Superbowl Sunday.


These bell bottoms are part of a set but I skipped the crop top it goes with and wore it with an oversized sweater so I could develop my food belly in peace and without any buttons or zippers constraining that expansion.

Eating without being self-conscious is the ultimate freedom.

dana_fashina_styleboston_black_girl_bloggersboston_street_stylehttp://ivegotcake.comivc_7035boston_fashion_bloggershttp://ivegotcake.comNo seriously, my condolences to Atlanta fans, I’m only busting your balls.

I know what you’re going through, I’ve been there and believe me it fucking sucks, we’ve been there.

You guys played a great game, you have a hell of a team and I hope you get back there next year and you get your fucking win.

39 thoughts on “Sucker Punch

  1. Had ’em all the way! Seriously, for some reason even when the Pats were down 21-3 at halftime I was oddly confident they would come back and kept saying so. But what a game.

    Will you be anywhere near the rally today?

    1. No because I had to work and they weren’t trying to give us the day off *grumbling*

      Everyone was tired as shit come Monday, I didn’t get to work on Monday until almost noon.

      Thanks for having our back, the parade today was fantastic (according to my live stream), rain and all

  2. A++ clothing strategy for “the big game.” (Ugh, I’m so glad I don’t have to hear that phrase for another 50 weeks!)

    I was casually rooting for Atlanta if only because Deflategate did negatively affect Baltimore a few years ago, but I didn’t really watch much of the game itself. I did, however, eat a fair amount of fried chicken which is why I applaud your wardrobe for the day.

  3. We had a few people in to watch the game (8 to be exact). I made wings, ribs, chili, salad, dips, antipasto and a variety of desserts. It was a grand success! I won the pool, yay! I love those bell-bottom pants, must get mine out to wear again, they look so cool.

  4. Lemme first start by saying I hate the Patriots lol. Not because I’m one of these idiots that has no reason to and simply hates the Patriots; I actually respect the strategic minds of Brady and Belichick immensely. The problem is that I’m originally from Miami. Which means I’m a Dolphins fan. Which means I’m also in the AFC East with the Pats. Which means there’s a fierce rivalry there. Which means I also hate the Jets and the Bills (Jets the most).

    That being said though, congrats to the Patriots! ATL screwed up by letting Brady get hot in the second half. Once Brady gets hot, it’s over. I barely watched the game, and I can just tell by how the scoring went…that Brady got hot.

    I could ramble more but that’s enough. Looking good as always Dana 🙂

    1. Oh really?
      That’s so neat, the different versions of the word, ‘sweater’.
      Because in the UK, across the pond, the call a ‘jumper’.

      So now we got jumper, sweater and jersey.
      Ha! Love it.

  5. Girl, you are too funny! I feel their pain because I thought they had it in the bag. (I’m neither an Atlanta fan or Patriots fan… whatever I’m Canadian) I mean I even stopped watching at one point because I figured it was a done deal. So glad I came back upstairs to watch the 4th quarter. Talk about epic. I will never ever underestimate the Patriots… not that I ever really did thou. Mad respect for Brady and how calm he remained the whole time.
    Anyhow, perfect attire for the super bowl. Your sweater looks so comfy! By the way what kind of food did you guys order?

    Xo, jackie

  6. Ok, I don’t follow super bowl, so I’m going to ice skate over that topic and jump straight into the welcoming waters of fashion. Looove that roomy sweater, I love me a chunky knit! Ps laughing over someone being so slumped over, they use their deflated shoulders to drive the wheel, I want to see a cartoon sketch of that motion pronto ( ;

      1. =^.^= we can trade hairs ok? Though I may only supply you with half a head of hair lol. It has been a beautiful week. I have been working on transforming a shower curtain into clothes! Hope yours had too. I can’t wait to hear more from you.

      2. OOoohhhh really??
        What clothing item are you making?

        My week is officially OVAAA! We had a snow day yesterday which is always nice until you have to go shovel your car out Back breaking work, I tell ya!

      3. I am making a kimono! I will be posting about it when I finish^.^ it is really difficult but I love a challenge ♡ that sound beautiful! I love playing in the snow! Shoveling your car out sounds awful though, you must have had a tooon of snow. It hasn’t snowed here yet all year. Hopfully the weather gets better for you.

    1. I’m so happy to tell everyone we’re past the 3rd trimester!!

      I just wanna say thank you….for all your support I mean you guys, really…if it wasn’t for you and you coaching me to take my time eating and to try everyone ONCE and to not be afraid to ask for SECONDS….I swear you guys are my everything!
      This one’s for you!!

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