The Chickening

It snowed all weekend so I stayed inside and went through old books and old diaries.


I guess when I was in high school I used to keep daily journal from 11 to about 15.

Here I am trapped inside and I find this collection of records, so I started going through them.
All the chronicles of my thirteen and fourteen year old self.


Reading about all the reasons I couldn’t stand Tory from school (or her mom, apparently) and how much I couldn’t wait for the sleepover at Selena house that one weekend…all my struggles, all my problems….

I had a minor obession over this one kid, Timothy but as I recall he was fine as fuck.


I was cracking the hell up all afternoon.


Ahhhhhh Dana Dana Dana…


31 thoughts on “The Chickening

  1. It will be nice to hook up with Timothy again, don’t you think 🙂
    Journalling is great, it helps track all areas of growth and in all areas of life too. Very good!

    Hope your week is good so far. Do take care.

  2. I love writing a diary too. When I was younger I would write daily. Then as responsibilities grew with time it reduced to weekly once then monthly once. Now it is once a year. But once a year I even get back to reading all the previous journals and it is real fun.

    1. Girl these journals are soooo dramatic LOL!
      And I wish i could send you some of this damn snow. But wouldn’t you know it rained today and now all trace of it is almost gone.

  3. this is great!! Journaling makes you remember to appreciate who you once were and how far you’ve come. I remember having those diaries with a little cheap key LOL

  4. Hon, I kept a diary too- from about the age of 11 and once in a pink moon I do revisit them and wow, its a great way of seeing how far you’ve come and how much easier life was back then. I wonder what you did about your Timothy crush back then, haha! ( :

  5. I burned most of mine, LOL–so embarrassed. You might want to check on BBC Radio 4’s My Teenage Diary (I sometimes catch it on the radio, maybe it’s available online). Celebrities reading from their teenage diaries. Hilarious.

  6. Hey Gurl. Yep. Well, I guess you know what this means? From the famous words of one Miss Poet Laureate Beyoncé Knowles-Carter… BITCH I’m back… by popular demand! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Uh, so… ummmm.. you done changed some sh*t up in herrre LOL. Things look different no? I like it. Ahh, it’s always a pleasure.. isn’t it? 🙂 Oh, btw, I never did keep a diary or journal thingy. Why? Because I don’t write… I’m written about.

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