Oh You..

Spring needs to come on already and stop this back and forth, nice weather-freezing weather nonsense, I’m starting to get cabin fever.


The needle didn’t move past 20 degrees this weekend and the wind chill was -2 and blowing at 50 mph.
When this happens, you stay your ass inside, turn the music way up and clean the shit out of your apartment.


I also used this time to catch up on a lot of you guys blogs because you guys are the shit and I’ve been slacking on telling you so.


Thank you for following my blog and loving on me the way you do.
❤ ❤



43 thoughts on “Oh You..

  1. I hear ya girl! I’m so tired of this yo-yo weather! Seriously, either stay cold or warm up. But either way stop teasing us right! Lol Anyhow, you look so cozy and chic in your sweater. And I’m loving your socks too.
    Have a great week😘

    Xo, jackie

  2. Yeah, its pretty back and forth in Berlin too. Personally, I’m kinda ok with it as it gives me more time to wear my fav winter pieces like my faux fur coats! It’s when it rains, I go ape shit. Loving your look here, its so chill- I’m all about an oversized jumper and headscarf. ( :

  3. Seriously, the weather needs to make up its damn mind. Last weekend it was in the 60s in Chicago and now we’re going to Philly this weekend and we’ll be lucky to break 40. UGH.

  4. Try going down to Arizona and having freezing cold weather AND snow, albeit in the Grand Canyon, but really, I was expecting more!!! I’ve been on vacay and have come back to that same freezing weather and I’m sick of it!
    Why are your shoes on the window ledge?

  5. Too cute, minus the weather bit. Ugh!! This kinda of cold cuts right through you! Glad you’re staying warm and cozy and still using the time so productively! Love ya! Looking forward to all the looks to come with the sun this year! ❤

  6. That jumper looks too cosy. It’s perfect chilling clothing and I like how you styled your hair.
    It’s just about started to warm up a little here but the weather is still bi-polar so I’m not taking any chances.

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