Can’t Fix Crazy

It’s five days until spring andย there’s a full on motherfukkin blizzard outside my apt right now, like are you kidding me!?

These pictures are from my time in Cartagena, Colombia in August last year because right now – all the signs are pointing to another vacation.

47 thoughts on “Can’t Fix Crazy

  1. Can you believe I’m out in this blizzard right now because of work? I cannot wait to be home in a few. I hope you stay in!

      1. I work at a Perishable Distribution Center so we are always open even in cases of state of emergencies. I do security and I work outdoors, shit was brutal! I’m glad it’s over with though. How’s the aftermath treating you?

      2. That’s a bummer but I can see why you’re needed. The aftermath want anything I couldn’t handle, compared to other storms we’ve had, about 40 minutes to shovel me all out.
        Right before it all froze…. ugh.
        I nearly busted my head coming out my front steps this morning ๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜‘

      3. Here, I got to the shoveling late so everything froze… oh no, that would have been bad!

  2. hey D-DOLL, what a funny freezing story ….. we’ve had 15ยฐC-17ยฐC days here in paris but i spoke to my parents in montreal a few days ago … -30ยฐC weather, worse than what it was in the dead of winter ! BE STRONG ! xo

  3. Gwad, I know this weather is making me crazy. I feel for you, more snow in March really bites. We had a snow storm last week and now just brutal cold temperatures…Stay warm babe and keep looking at your pictures from last year. Btw – you are body goals, seriously!

    xo, Jackie

  4. Wooow, your body jewellery was so on point that vacation. P.S. did your belly ring ever catch on anything, its so editorial fab but I wonder how functional it is. If I wore it I’d sure be belly dancing 24/7! ( :

  5. I hate you and that damn body of yours!
    Okay…so I don’t. But you know.. I’m just out here sippin’ on my hateraid!

    Oh how I’ve missed you and your blog!
    Expect a million comments coming your way while I catch up!

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