Squat, Lift, Squat, Lift

I’ve been soooo inconsistent in my gym routine lately.

One week I’m right on track, hitting the gym hard and frequently like a good girl, then the next week i’m completely off schedule, blowing it off or only going twice a week and being a lazy shit when I do go.



No more of that behavior, fuck that.


Spring is finally here which means summer ’17 is around the corner.
Let’s get ittttttt!

boston_black_girl_bloggers winter_gym_outfit_ideasdana_fashina_blogcute_gym_bags

Wearing H&M oversized sweater (this), Nike leggings and shoes, dufflebag by NastyGal (sold out – I think they went out of business)

31 thoughts on “Squat, Lift, Squat, Lift

  1. Earlier this month my heavier lifting schedule was all out of whack because of weekend travel, and now I’m mostly back to my routine and I’m *feeling* it.

    I’ve been so distracted by American Apparel going out of business that I didn’t realize NastyGal was also closing stores, though it looks like the online store is still open.

    1. What!!? AA is going out of business too???
      Not like I shop there much or anything but WHAT. THE. FUCK.
      And yeah, nasty gal is having major discounts on everything.
      Nothing my size was available but try the accessories.

      1. AA was sold to a Canadian apparel company in January to get out of bankruptcy, and they closed their online store last week. (They claim that the online store will be back in the summer, but who knows on that front?) The store down the street from us closed this past weekend and over the last few months I may have gone overboard stocking up on my favorite running shorts and yoga pants and the like.

  2. Hi Dana,

    I resumed at the gym after 2 months of shameless laziness. I think my trainers need to be replaced.

    Lol @ “a bunch of shit I basically cant live without” Apt ! XD

  3. Girl, your body is all likes of goals! I would have never known that you haven’t been hitting the gym. And that’s because you have a killer body! I need your motivation !lol

    xo, jackie

  4. Guurl, I’m all about your althleisure look. I’ve been looking for some stylish sportswear myself, I mean I’m teaching a dance class now and want to motivate my students, haha! Honestly, I’ve not been on my A Game when it comes to fitness these past weeks but the fact it’s getting warmer is my wake up call! Have a gd wkend luv ( :

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