Funny Business

This look is cute, right?

It’s pretty obvious how badly I was waiting for Spring to come.


I wore this look to dinner Saturday night with friends.
One of those unplanned 6am nights.

how_to_style_floral_pants dana_ivegotcake_blogger black_girl_ bloggers_boston how_to_style_prints_and_patterns Boston_streetstyle_bloggers

Everything visible by H&M

63 thoughts on “Funny Business

  1. Hi you,
    this is a georgeous look a la Manrepeller! Loving these pants, I actually ordered them but they somehow never made their way to my home.
    Sending you lots of sunshine from Abu Dhabi!

  2. In looove!!! I love mixing stripes and florals… And those pantssssss😍😍😍 I have dubbed those my happy pants and totally plan on filling my closet with Wideleg pants all spring and summer 😗 Flawless as always

    1. thanks boo!! I’m trying, for a min there I fell into a rut because all I was wearing was heavy coats or snow shoes so it feels great to be able to start shedding some of those items 😀
      Hope you’re having a great start to your week!

  3. You and me both! Spring can’t get here fast enough. Can’t wait for my late April Florida getaway with a gf.
    Love the pants, I’ve always loved this wide-leg pants.

  4. Mixing prints like a bossbabe! I love, love love this look on you! And last minute dinner plans are the best and they always ended up being so much fun!

    xo, Jackie

  5. OMG, those jeans are from H&M, wowza, they are freakn’ cool. I’m sure you get stopped coooonstantly on the street when you wear ’em and get so many compliments. Stripes and florals, oh yes, someone’s excited about spring! ( :

  6. I really love the look Dana. It is very rare i get to see you in colors and you have to trust me it looks fabulous on you. Full of life and cheerful. God bless!
    Regards and hugs

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