Bait and Switch

I hope you guys had a nice Easter weekend.

We did Easter brunch instead of Easter dinner and then walked the calories off strolling around the city, window shopping.

The weather hit about 86F yesterday and everyone and their mama was ready for it.
I was so tickled to see everyone outside in their Easter pastels, it made me want to stock my closet with purples, mauves and soft blues.


I bought this set last summer and haven’t gotten around to wearing it until now.
I love that even though the pants are lined, they’re lined loosely enough to still pick up those wonderful warm breezes. boston_street_style_bloggers fashion_nova_street_style @jusbstill Black_street_stylebrown_girl_bloggers_boston dana_fashina_blogger

I have so much work to do today buuuuuut today is also the Boston Marathon and I really want to catch some of it.

Set from Fashion Nova (out of stock but similar here) and shoes from Zara (these).
I can’t remember where I got the hat from.

78 thoughts on “Bait and Switch

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  2. Yes, this is giving me life! You look so fierce, Dana! Easter Sunday was so cold here temps were just below freezing and it rained all day 😦 I need to move to Boston! Anyhow, love this look and color on you.

    xo, Jackie

      1. I’m the same, it’s almost as if I have a colour phobia! I tend to stick to neutral shades, but I’m working on being a little braver. Colour definitely suits you – I wish I could wear it as well as you do

  3. THIS COLOR. I’m dying, it’s so good. And it looks so comfortable and breezy for when those hot as balls days eventually arrive and stay here for most of August.

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