The Past, My Ass

So a few weeks ago we were in Chicago for Market Day and just the sheer amount of people wearing fannypacks……like I thought I’d be the only one, all un-cool and shit, wearing this old ass fanny pack from Goodwill but nahhh baby – fanny packs are back in and I’m  living for awl of it.


This shirt is actually a bodysuit that I recently found it hidden all the way back in my t-shirts drawer. I bought it because I really like the pattern of it and it’s lightweight enough to be worn around this time of the year, before the warmer days completely disappear. The color properties gave me a lot to work with so I chose to pair it with low purple heels and of course, a fannypack.


fanny_pack_ideasBoston_bloggers dana_fashina_weekend_style fanny_pack_outfits Black_Girl_bloggers_bostonBeing purse-free is underrated. More fanny packs to come.

bodysuit and shorts (Fashion Nova), shoes (chinese laundry), fannypack (Goodwill)


46 thoughts on “The Past, My Ass

  1. Those shoes…divine. You….divine. Being a girl of the 80’s, the ‘bum bag’ as we call it here, is hard to wrap your head around. (Fanny has a different meaning here …chuckle.) Love it’s practicality and you are young enough to pull it off. Not so sure on someone my age….will have to stick to the ‘cross shoulder hands free’ bag methinks.

    1. Teeheee!! Does fanny mean booty?
      But doesn’t bum mean booty too?
      Cross shoulder bags are my normal go-to but lately I’ve been putting more shit in there and it’s stressing my shoulders and I have to keep switching which shoulder it crosses over and it’s like “this fucking sucks” – fannypack

  2. ::inserts obligatory “well, you *were* in Chicago joke:: 😉

    I don’t know if I could get into wearing a fanny pack mainly because I like to have my stuff with me, and these days I usually have my handbag and then a tote to carry a water bottle and sunblock (as I don’t like that getting all over my stuff like my phone) so I guess my approach to this is much more maximalist.

  3. Bring on the fanny pack babe! For whatever reason they never went away over here. Can we talk about your bodysuit and how amazing it looks on you?!?! It’s giving me life😍 😍😍 So glad you’re back babe😘

    xo, jackie

  4. See, you can pull off the fanny pack look. I’m not sure I could. I am too petrified of looking like a hopelessly uncool dad in 1989, as opposed to the sort-of-uncool dad of 2017 that I am.

    1. LOL!
      If you were wearing cycle shorts you could pulll off a fannypack. I have a lime green one that says ‘PARTY’ in bright pink that would look tremendous on you.
      You could turn it around to the back to match your cool, already-backwards hat.
      I can just see you now….

  5. OMG you’re back and looking fab! So happy, I missed your posts.

    God, are “fanny packs” back?! I had one as a kid, pink and purple with unicorns and stuff on it. Except we didn’t call them a “fanny pack”, we called them a “bum bag”. I’m not sure if that’s better or worse if I’m honest 🤣

    1. Someone else on here, I think @cheergerm calls them bum bags too.
      Anywhooo, I miss you too babygirl! Too much time has passed for me to try and catch up on everyone and everythang but I’m tickled pink to see you, beautiful! ❤

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