Whatever (the) Weather

Yo, this weather is just doing its own thing lately.

It’s hot AF when it’s supposed to be cold, humid when it’s supposed to be dry, rainy when it’s supposed to be I don’t know what –

I guess it’s supposed to be rainy, right?
Given that we’re in hurricane season…


My POINT is it’s October and on weekends I don’t know how to dress myself.

black_girl_bloggers_boston black_bloggers_bostonhttp://ivegotcake.comLowkey I love it tho :p
Wearing; old thread bare sweatpants, a sparkling top from NastyGal (old) and Puma sneakers (old)




40 thoughts on “Whatever (the) Weather

  1. Here in Chicago, I have usually started rotating in my sweaters by now. Not this year. It’s been summer stuff almost every day. Which I can’t complain about, but here we are mid-October and I am getting bored of the summer stuff.

    You cannot go wrong with old Pumas, though. I want to put on a pair right now. Old Pumas are a solid choice for just about any situation except for a job interview or a wedding. Otherwise, I want to wear a pair of old Pumas.

    1. And believe it or not these are mens Pumas.
      Much more room in the front for my little toesies to strectch out comfortably.

      I haven’t converted my wardrobe over yet either; partly because of the weather but also because I want to buy new shit and can’t do so until I free up room by removing summer shit but that do that because the weather is still the shit.

  2. It’s been SO HUMID this week that I’ve been a sweaty mess. Heat I love, but humidity is THE WORST. I’m all for all of the open-back tanks right now–I feel like this is Mother Nature giving us one last chance to wear them before it gets miserably cold.

    Loving your sparkly halter!

  3. I think the world seems to be experiencing some crazy weather. Even here in South Africa, it is supposed to be spring….normally by this time, I am laying by the pool working on my tan, well this year, not a hope ! We had like two weeks solid rain, then it is as hot as hell the next day, but with cloud cover, and then the next it is cold. Yesterday we had this massive destructive rain storm and flooding and today was beach weather..Confused !!!!

  4. I’ll take your warm and humid weather. Yesterday we woke up to snow :/ but it melted, thankfully. Anyhow, you are rocking it with the warm weather. By the way, I love your puma’s! Hope you’re having a fab weekend!

    xo, jackie

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