Common Ground

I feel like people have been telling me as long as I’ve been old enough to hear that I need to get into layering, especially in the cooler seasons, but I’ve just always felt like I don’t reallllllyyyyy need to you know?

I’m a minimalist at heart so like, why can’t I just put on one heavy article instead of wearing seven lightweight items??


Except what do you do when you have a bunch of cute ass maxi dresses hanging in your closet looking at you with their figurative eyebrows pushed all the way up like really???



The weather has been slightly cooler this past week, a few 70 deg days but also a couple 60 deg days and on one of the cooler days, I took a stab at layering.


http://ivegotcake.comboston_streetstyle fall_layering_maxi_dress_stylefashion_nova_maxi_dressboston_brown_girl_bloggers http://ivegotcake.comDress by Fashion Nova (this), top via ASOS (this), Zara flats (last season).

49 thoughts on “Common Ground

  1. See, I knew there was a layering queen hiding in you. I love your gorgeous floral cold shoulder maxi dress! Now that you have embraced layering, you are totally ready to come visit me in Winnipeg a.k.a Winterpeg! lol By the way, it was -21celsius this morning so layering is a must :)-
    Have a great weekend babe!

    xo, Jackie

  2. Love this look! This feels like a fresher take on the layered look that for whatever reason always makes me think of Rachel from Friends, as I feel like she wore a lot of tees under babydoll dresses and tank tops over the course of that show.

  3. Hey Dana, I don’t know but I seriously cannot do the layering thing…for me it is uncomfortable , and I just cannot get into it.
    But you sweet girl, you can do anything and it will look good ! Love the dress btw 🙂

  4. Love it. I love layering and I would never have thought to wear those pieces together. So unexpected. The ruffles on the shoulder of top and the the positioning of the ruffle of the dress is super cute. I feel inspired.

    Long time Dana. How are you doing?

  5. Layering here like a Queen 🙂
    When I lived in Lakeland Florida (yess we used to have hardcore cold days too lol)
    I feel like I put on a pile of layers just to stay warm. I am with you with the layering business lol

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