Leftovers, Left Over

My fridge these days is just a collection of small jars and sealed containers.

Sauces, grains, vegetables, holiday party leftovers, restaurant leftovers, home experiments, failed recipes…basically I haven’t needed to do much cooking lately.


So since it’s the end of the year, I figured I’d do a little reminiscing and share with you the food that for one reason or another, never made it to the blog.


Enjoy ❤







 April 2017: Habanero Oysters
Never Blogged Because: I hated the final picture



June 2017: Sangria
Never Blogged Because: I forgot





July 2017: Skirt Steak
Never Blogged Because:  I hated the final pictures



Aug 2017: Miso Soup & Edamame
Never Blogged Because: Recipe was too easy




Sept 2017: Shrimp & Kale Salad
Never Blogged Because: More of a summer recipe




Oct 2017: Fire Grilled Salmon (hi mom!)
Never Blogged Because: Recipe was too easy



Nov 2017: Cilantro Flatbread
Never Blogged Because: Recipe Fail. I fucked up the dough.




This concludes the 2017 Never Blogged Recipes year-in-review.

I’m curious what posts you have sitting in draft that never made it to your blog this year. I’m sure I’m not the only one!
❤ ❤

65 thoughts on “Leftovers, Left Over

      1. All the heavy, salty stuff, which sounds kind of gross even as I type it, but isn’t it just instinct that we all go for heavier foods so we can survive the cold? But you said specifics, so…

        Breakfast – Oatmeal with fresh berries or apples and cinnamon in it
        Lunch – A hot cup of chili with shredded cheddar, oyster crackers, hot sauce, and sourdough on the side
        Dinner – Winter always makes me want the heavier, red-sauced Italian stuff. Think lasagna or chicken parmesan,

      2. TOTALLY GET IT.
        I’m with you on the breakfast stuff, oatmeal over here too, nice and filling, not too heavy.
        Lunch is generally pretty lean if I make it myself i.e. meal prep on Sunday.
        If it’s winter and I don’t bring my lunch, I call this Soul Food place by my job that does delivery and order the WORST / BEST stuff.
        Then I grab a lot of napkins and quietly steer myself away into a conference room to devour it in peace watching Netflix on my phone.
        I tend to skip the gym on these days.

        Dinner is just continuously eating whomever’s food. I def binge waaay more in the winter than warmer months.
        I don’t know why I do this.
        I am aware I’m full. I’m aware I’m still eating.

        I asked specifically so I can get some new food ideas for the blog, so thank you for opening up to me!
        You da bestttt ❤

  1. I loooooovvvveeeee this… I’m pretty sure there are a few idea that have just been sitting I the draft phase… Some of these I’ll definitely be needing recipes to though cause the sound yummy!!

  2. Easy recipes sometimes tend to get plenty of likes (that is, if one is after ‘likes’). The summer-y recipes you can schedule for 2018, lol (the shops though are still selling summer fruits and veggies this winter!). I also had dishes that never made it to the blog–because they’ve been completely consumed before pictures were taken 😌

    1. Oh my god, definitely been there!!
      Where you can’t hold off your hunger long enough to take a decent photo so you start nibbling, lightly at first, until you look down and realize there’s nothing left to take a picture of!
      Been there way too many times haha!

    1. Giiiiiiiiiirl! I swear some days I wanna just post smoothies but then I muster up the strength to do more and those are the ones that end up being “too easy” lol
      The struggggggle tho *death face*

    1. Aww haha! Thanks boo!!
      Sometimes you go through all the picture-taking and then you stand back and look at the pictures you took and the excitement is gone.
      That’s how I felt about these lol and then I’m going, well what do I post this week then??

  3. I have this awesome spread from my birthday that I made from the Prune cookbook that I’m going to get to, eventually–I spent too much damn time on making these TIIIIIIIIIIIINY lamb dumplings to not write about them. So I’ll get to it eventually.

    Other more recent never-blogged meals that I will get to, eventually:
    –crab and smoked salmon pintxos
    –grilled quail wrapped in pancetta
    –Calamari with a roasted sweet pepper sauce
    –Polet chasseur with tarragon

    Ugh I have some blogging catching up to do!!!

    Frankly, I think that kale/shrimp dish should be saved for winter because it’s the exact kind of thing you’d want to eat when the weather sucks and you’d like to pretend it’s summertime!

    1. Ugh. I hate you.
      Why do you always create such AMAZING things???
      I mean even your forgotten recipes are mindblowing, jesus woman!!

      I’m ready for those teeny tiny dumplings and that calamari whenever you’re ready to the post them.
      R E A D Y.

    1. Ohhh so that’s your system!
      You get rid of them while they’re still on the camera so anything that comes off the camera is straight to the blog.
      You smart cookie, you!
      I can’t even begin to TELLLLL you the amount of pictures that are still on my camera that are unused, sheeeesh!!

  4. Loved the sangria. I also have a lot of leftovers. I normally chose one day a week just to use up the leftovers. I just can’t throw leftovers away. And, being that it is almost dinner time here, I knew I should have waited to view your post. Now I’m hungrier ! thanks! 🙂 All joking aside, what a great post!!

    1. Hahaha!!
      Aww thank you! I have to stay away from the blogs around lunch and dinner time for the same reason haha!!
      I’ve used up most of my leftovers by now. Piled them on a plate (favorably know as The Garbage Plate) and had a good ol’ time finishing them 😀

  5. All these photos are making me hungry, especially that shrimp and kale salad. My drafts folder has way too many posts in it, I tend to just write things and then never get round to finishing them, adding pictures and publishing. Hopefully I’ll do better in the new year!

  6. Ahh this post makes me soo hungry!! 🙂 yummm everything look fab girl! My have to bake list is endless and its even harder being able to have them baked and ready for pics before the sun goes down hahaha buuuutt I shall get them done in one way or another!

    Wonderful post Dana xxx

    1. Oh my goodness I know exactly what you mean about taking pictures before you lose the daylight!
      I know ALLLLLL about that hahaha!!

      Do let me know when you get those goodies up on the blog so I can swing by and salivate over them :p

  7. I love this! And do you know which is my favourite picture? The skirt steak, oh my goodness, it looks so goooooood!

    1. ….. I don’t remember….
      *in Nat Geo / Discovery voice*
      this strange fruit of the orange tree family is only found in warm, tropical climates. During the rainy season they are scare to find but quiet valuable when one does*

      Let me stop – I don’t remember. I was in South America when we made this.

  8. These all look amazing – and even though I have just had my (rather large, praline) chocolate for breakfast (and scrambled eggs on sourdough, green tea and home pressed apple juice, because I am not a total food monster) I am hungry again – the oysters, the shrimp and oh, the gorgeous salmon …. and the flat bread ….

  9. This post makes me feel like I need to be more discerning on my posts haha! I have a lot of “drafts” that were ideas that never made it to the plate (or in front of the camera) including:
    -Wrap Queen: Vegetarian Greek Lettuce Wraps
    -Stuff it! Cheesy Quiche Stuffed Pepers
    -Put that in your iron and waffle it: Blueberry Basil Feta Stuffed Waffles
    ….to name a few…
    But seriously, you need to post that miso one. I waaaaaant!

  10. All those photos look so good…my foot! and what do you mean too easy? I only cook easy recipes. Nobody has time for complicated stuff, the easier the better. The Sangria and beef, I could drink and eat right now this minute. And I post anything at anytime…I never really think about seasons…even now I’m grilling and BBQing right here inside the house. have a good week….

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