Ugh, I know I know I know don’t say it.
I know I’ve been MIA and I’m sorry you guys, work has just been nuts these past 5 weeks.

I was in Dallas all last week for work and as much as I love warm climates, the back-back 12 hour days were really wearing me out and then when I got home it’s been non stop Christmas shopping, picking up deliveries, gift wrapping like uggghhhh!!

With all that said I must say I am fucking ON IT this year when it comes to Christmas.

I got all my shit wrapped and shipped out.

And it’s the greatest fucking feeling ever.

This look has been my go-to look for the past couple weekends.

The weather is in the 30s which is just miserable for me and with work kicking my ass 7 1/2 days out of 6, I feel like I’m lacking the mental creativity to dress up, so on weekends it’s been looks like this or variations thereof.





Coat thrifted from Goodwill, these shoes are from Zara and the hoodie is old.

How are you guys coming along with your holiday shopping?

42 thoughts on “Slippin’

  1. I definitely understand where you’re coming from–until this week work has been super-busy for me too. I hope things finally start to calm down for you!

    I’m nearly set on gifts–I have to wrap most of them tonight, and the rest that are in PA will be wrapped this weekend. The only thing I have to do is get on the phone to track down a gift card I ordered for my dad, so wish me luck on that.

    This outfit is the height of cozy! You gotta do what you gotta do as soon as the weather starts getting nasty–might as well be comfortable. The coat is fantastic.

  2. I swear, the middle two weeks of December (7-21) are the fastest-moving two weeks on the calendar. They are probably only nine actual days. We need a federal investigation. Actually, no, we don’t need a federal investigation because the feds would botch it.

    Shopping? Shrug. I guess I’ve had past years where I’ve done worse. At least I’ve got a bunch of stuff ready to wrap in the trunk of my car. And Amazon Prime and similar things can save us.

    Merry Christmas, Dana!

    1. The feds would definitely botch it and somehow find a means to blame it on Russia and then Trump would step in and say that’s why we should be following HIS December calendar…

      Ho ho ho to you too Matt

  3. A few years ago we agreed to not give presents any more. I tell you, it has made Christmas SO much nicer. Now we bake cookies and if someone comes along that needs a present, they get cookies.

    1. It’s crazy isn’t it?
      It’s like everyone just realized it’s the end of the year and now all these things need to be done before Jan kicks off.

      Anyways, Happy Holidays to you too beautiful woman<3

  4. Omg I know how you feel it’s so hard balancing work & a blog lol once you get a day off you’re too tired to even find a blogging location & layout and outfit lol which is terrible! But you made it look super chic!

  5. Dana…it’s all cool! Life is way too short to spend it on the computer! I’ve been so busy as well and it’s a great feeling to be ‘On-it’ – my first grandchild comes to visit tomorrow and I’m too excited for words! Have a wonderful holiday…Enjoy!

  6. You look beautiful Dana and those red booties are soooo gorgeous! A cozy yet polished look + the red lipstick makes it very sexy. As for my Christmas shopping, well still have a few things to buy and some wrapping too… Yep, a little at the last minute this year. try not to stress too much about it though. Everything shall be fine, I hope. 😉 Merry Christmas and joyful new year!

  7. I had to chuckle….’Slippin’…me too and in a big way. I just am so chilled at the moment about everything, the season, the food, the presents. I have been so organised this year in that department, I pretty much banged out all the present buying in a day, it was like total focus. I wrapped everything up, now I am just baking and eating and baking and eating…and waiting for the big cooking day to be upon me !!!
    You are looking good beautiful. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!! Have a good one ❤

      1. Not at my age anymore–at the stage of dreading gifts that would add clutter to my life and space! Same with friends/family. We’ve gone to the point of giving away treats (at least that gets consumed) and household plants, or just Xmas cards. Merry Christmas, Dana 😃❄⛄🎄🎁❄

  8. I can’t catch up either, I’ve done no Christmas baking! Nada. Fortunately, I’m only doing appis and dessert for Christmas eve and nothing for Christmas day. Shopping is done but it felt rushed. I’m not loving the cold either but I’ve been told to not complain about it on Facebook by a long time friend. But I’m grumbling under my breath. All. The. Time.
    Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year.

    1. Dreadful *shudders*
      We got about a half inch of snow today and that caused traffic to back up so badly you’d of thought this was the deep south.

      Merry merry to you all as well and happiest of new years ❤

  9. No need to apologize! I feel your pain. #Work #NoTime I miss being on here though. It was one of my favorite weekly outlets. Anyway, LOVE the coat! You cannot go wrong with a camel coat. Such a staple for any closet.

    Hope you’re enjoying your Christmas, and hope you have a phenomenal New Year!! Xx

  10. “Slippin” man that word alone, so relatable! Lol
    It’s been about a year and I deff miss logging on to this, but you know life. Your outfits never disappoint. Hope your holidays we’re great ❤

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